Sunday, 31 October 2010

Goodbye for now

Hey Fudgey Friends,

Just a quick post before I disconnect my PC.

Had a quick run this morning but it wasn't so good.

great first km, then I don't know what happened - lost control of my breathing started to panic, then I had a headache & felt sick - maybe not such good idea with the big house move tomorrow - but still it was running .....& normally if I have a bad run I make up for it next time.

I've not stopped since I got back either. The place is in turmoil. Defrosting the freezer, wiped out all the kitchen units, dismantled the bed, scrubbed the bedroom skirting. Mr Fudgey is disconnecting the DVD & Blu Ray :-(
And there are still a thousand things to do - cooker to be cleaned, bathroom to be cleaned, fridge to be cleaned, sitting room & front bedroom skirting all need wiped etc. It's going to be a late night I think......& I'll probably be doing it all over again tomorrow in the new place!

As I said yesterday we don't get internet till 15th November - but I'll try & get access to update you on how things are at some point between now & then even if only briefly.

Take Care everyone

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  1. Like you said, at least you got out there and did some running even if it didn't feel like the best. Sometimes things just don't seem to fall into place with runs do they. Good luck with the move, I hope it all runs smoothly!