Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A long week so far

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?

Well I never got to run on Sunday or get to to the gym as I had kind of hoped for - the reason was I was absolutely exhausted. Our neighbour was very agitated again & we ended up calling the police at 4am only for him to be quiet when they arrived but he continued to make noise at 5am, 6am & 7am. Then followed disturbed sleep on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday night. Touch wood it all seems quiet tonight - so hopefully we'll get an uninterrupted night's sleep. Mr Fudgey & I have been knackered this week. Not great in the run up to the move. You may then ask yourself how have I managed to fit in 4 workouts already this week. Well it's stress relief more than anything.

Monday - making it up as I go along
I had a day off on Monday so managed to get into the gym in the afternoon. I was in 2 minds what to do - didn't really fancy a long run on the treadmill nor was I inspired by my programme - time for a new one I think. Anyway jumped on the treadmill for a gentle 10 minute warm up - ran 1.42km, then decided I'd do some press ups. I managed 70 in total - proper full manly ones too - done in 4 sets one of 25 & 3 of 15 - by the end of the year I aim to be able to do 100. Then I did 3 sets of squats with 20kg bar & then some abs - 3 x triset of 15 ab extensions with 8kg medicine ball, 12 crunches with medicine ball & 20 oblique cycles. I then finished up with 20 minutes on the bike and did just over 10km. I do so want Mr Fudgey & I get out cycling when we move

Tuesday - Spinning & Running
Needed an outlet for my tension after another largely sleepless night, so headed to spin at lunchtime - it was a great class taken by the lovely Gary. I was also conscious I hadn't run properly for over a week so headed back later for a very intense interval session. Week 2 on the Run Less Run Faster programme
Tough tough workout but felt so good for it :-)
10 min warm up then
5 repeats of 800m working @ 11.5kmph & 400m recovery (4.5 / 5.5kmph)
6 minute cool down

Hope to get at least another run in this week - but not sure how or when though - we shall see.

Wednesday - My favourite circuits
Not so noisy last night but still not a great sleep so pretty wrecked again this morning but coffee & a chocolate muffin perked me up & then I had to go to circuits to work off said choc muffin ;-0
Stations today were, bicep curls, tricep dips, bosu press ups, clean & press with squat, swiss ball squats with 5kg dumbbells, supermarket sweep (pushing trolley with c 150kg from one end of studio & then pulling backwards to the other), bag drag sprint & stepping stones, burpees, swiss ball pass , swiss ball crunches & punchbag. Usual drill after a warm up 1 min at each station - a quick rest & then second circuit of 45 seconds per station. Class was pretty busy today & I got a kick out of doing better & more manly press ups than some of the men!

Still all quiet upstairs & not a light on - I have a bad feeling that there has maybe been another incident today - I could be wrong it's just a feeling I have - but I just seriously hope that the poor guy is getting the help he desperately seems to need. Yes even after 4 mostly sleepless nights I still care.

So I'm going to get a cup of tea & curl up for some sleep.

Night night all

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