Friday, 8 October 2010

another week flys by

Hi Fudgey friends,

I can't believe how fast the weeks are just flying by & tonight by the time Mr Fudgey & I got home it was dark & it was only about 7.15pm

So what have you all been up to? Had a good week?

My week so far has been pretty busy.

My legs were a little sore after the kilomathon but not too bad. I caught up on some tv & wrote my race report. I had a largely unsuccessful shopping trip. Took the bus to Sainsbury's to discover it closed as part of their refurb & not open till Wed. Back to Waitrose - and I have to say didn't like the store at all - so only got a few essentials.
I also had some stress concerning our impending move & some other pieces of news that were not so cheery and a little worrying.

A much better & productive day. All sorted on the moving front - no need to stress on that front. I baked some banana bread which has gone down really really well with everyone. Pictures & recipe will be posted tomorrow.
I also had a successful shopping trip to Asda.
In the afternoon I got out for a short 6k recovery run. I was surprised how good the legs felt :-)

Back to work. It took me most of the day to catch up on my emails & establish what had been going on for the previous days. I dread taking 2 weeks off!
Wednesday was my favourite class.... circuits
Normally I adore circuits but I struggled - right shin was not happy with me at all :-(
The stations were bottom half squats (i used 20kg), swiss ball squats (i used 5kg dumbbells), slalom run & 10 bunny hops, weighted squat jump & weighted sprint ((5kg dumbbells)., 2 jack & 2 back, mountain climbers, jack knifes, compound crunches, punch bag, underarm deadrow (10kg), circle press ups & finally clean & press (10kg) first round 1 min each station & then second round 30 -40 secs each station though he removed the swiss ball squat, the mountain climbers & the jack knifes.
Hope the shin behaves for PT on Thurs

A now increasingly rare morning gym visit for me. I need to try & reintroduce morning work outs as I have such a great day usually after them. It was cold wet and dark when I left the house for my 7am PT session
I had asked Colin if we could do something about my calves as they suffered in the kilomathon, though thankfully my quads of steel pulled me through.

quick warm up on cross trainer & the onto the hard work
3 super sets of weighted dynamic lunges 12 each leg & 1 minute ski sit
3 sets of smith machine calf raises
3 super sets of 15 calf extensions & 12 body weigh calf raises each leg
1 set of bosu squats & single arm clean & press 10 each side
3 supersets of olympic bar squats & single arm clean & press 10 each side


Then into work where I had an incredibly busy day. It's just never ending at the moment. Though there was loads of good stuff and I managed to get away before 6pm, though still not home before Mr Fudgey!

Friday already
My calves were agony this morning. Thanks Colin!! It was a struggle to get up. I'm not sleeping at all well at the moment just way too much going on & my neighbour moving furniture or whatever he was doing in the early hours doesn't help.
Managed to achieve what I set out to at work today so was really pleased with that and also managed to get away about 4.15pm so time for a mini gym session before fantastic Mr Fudgey took me to pizza express.

I just did my own thing, some bits of my programme & some stuff I felt like doing

run 1km
3 supersets of 15 swiss ball 15 kg barbell chest press & 12 swiss ball chest press
3 supersets of 15 bosu squats with 5kg dumbbells & 12 bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 supersets of 12 oblique circles with 6kg medicine ball, 12 ab extensions with 6kg medicine ball & 20 oblique cycles
1 minute plank
job done

We've had a little bit of an unsettled evening since we came home and had the police visit - it seems that one of neighbours is not coping so well and explains the increasingly erratic & paranoid behaviour recently. Hopefully now they can get some support and get back on track. I hate to see anyone suffering.
I'm so incredibly fortunate to have an amazing hubby, great family and fabulous friends - sadly not everyone has that same support network to fall back on.

and now my dear friends I am sitting up in bed with a sore shin, a sore calf, sore abs and a lovely glass of rioja whilst I write this post. So looking forward to no alarm tomorrow and hopefully a little lie in.
More packing up for us this weekend.

I will post some pics of my banana bread & the recipe tomorrow & my awesome new bag from Mr Fudgey.

Take care everyone
Fudgey xxx

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