Thursday, 21 October 2010

1000 km in 2010 & The latest Graze

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?
I can't believe it's Thursday evening already - where has this week gone?
How has your week been?

1000km in 2010
Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that I set myself a personal challenge this year to run a half marathon.....I've ran 2 & 2 x 10ks, 2 x 5k & a 4k & a kilomathon 26.2km - go check out my race reports, I also said that by the end of 2010 I'd run 1000km.....with 2 & a half months still to go till the end of the year I completed that challenge today.....since the start of this year I have ran 1001.78 km (622.48 miles)For those of you that work better visually or in terms distances between places - it's a little further than John O'Groats to Gloucester.

My other challenge was to raise £1000 for charity - my chosen charity was CCLASP & I managed to raise £1094 excluding the gift aid.
I don't think its sunk in how much I've achieved yet - but not bad for someone who a couple of years ago & 6 stone heavier couldn't run for a bus.

The Latest Graze
Thanks to JAG & Laura I heard about Graze boxes so used Laura's code & ordered myself a free box. It arrived at the office today & I was desperate to dive in but wanted to take a couple of photos - so I just had a wee taste of the Bento mix & the Dark Rocky road - Amazing :-) When I came home I took some photos & then I shared the Olive, rosemary & siciliano pesto focaccia with Mr Fudgey - we liked very much. I haven't tried the juicy orange raisins yet.
If anyone hasn't come across Graze boxes yet & would like to try one you can get one for free by visiting & using my code GMMW2643

Go on treat yourself - you deserve it.

A Fudgey Night Out
Mr Fudgey got 2 tickets for his birthday to see Robert Plant at The Usher Hall - so on Monday night we went for a lovely meal at McKirdy's steakhouse & then onto The Usher Hall. Robert Plant was fantastic & I even knew one song.

We had a fab night.

Workouts this week so far
Monday, I went to Spin at lunchtime as we were out in the evening - it wasn't a busy class but was pretty good - not as hard as I'd hoped it would be though.

Tuesday was PT
quick cross trainer warm up
olympic bar squats warm up set of 15 no weight
3 sets of 15 Olympic bar squats.....very heavy!
3 super sets of weighted dynamic lunges 12 each leg & swiss ball single leg hamstring curls 12 each leg
3 sets of 15 smith machine calf raises
3 super sets of 15 calf extensions & 12 body weigh calf raises each leg with 8kg dumbbell
10 minute abstravaganza! simple crunches, circle crunches, swiss ball crunch with medicine ball, swiss ball plank roll outs, oblique cycles, reverse curls, compound crunches & crunch lift & extend

Wednesday I was particularly tired. There was more drama with our neighbour on Tuesday night but he is now getting the help he needs. I really hope he gets well soon. So on Wednesday I ended up taking a well earned rest day. I also had a sports massage in the evening which has straightened out my knots a lot.

Today was just a quick run, it was all I had time for & better than nothing & it took me over that magical 1000km target.

and that my lovely Fudgey followers is me up to date with you again. Off now to catch up on Sppoks.

Take Care
love Fudgey


  1. Wow mate, that is some distance, well done!

    I'm so jealous you got the focaccia in your graze box, I'm eagerly waiting for them to send me some :D


  2. The focaccia was awesome - I was very nice & halfed it with hubby though. So glad you & Laura posted about them - going to send some as gifts too at Christmas!

  3. That's a whole lot of kms!!! Go you!

    I'm looking to get a sports massage next week, but I'm scared because I hear they hurt?!

  4. Congratulations on hitting and surpassing 1000 kms!!! That is great!

  5. Does Sports massage hurt....well I won't lie sometimes yes but only briefly & the benefit after are worth it. My next blog post is on runners maintenance / MOT so I'll tell you more then.

  6. Yum! Your graze box looks good, glad you enjoyed it. Good work on your distance that is a lot of ground to cover! I think I might try to do 1000km next year, thanks for the idea!