Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Craig's Champion Circuit Class

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Just a quick post tonight. I'm hot, irritable and very headachy.

Week 1 Run 2
Well I managed to get up and run to work this morning. First time I've done that in ages and it felt good even though at 7am it was already 15 degrees and really humid.

I also went to circuits at lunchtime with Smurfy, taken today by the lovely Craig. I love circuits so much I think it's my favourite class no matter who takes it.
After a quick warm up there was a minute at each station: Double crunches, Medicine ball twist, Press up & komodo, Box jump, Bunny hops, Sprint & bear crawl, Overhead tricep extension, Close grip bicep curls, Isometric shoulder hold, Burpees, Wide to narrow press up, Bent over chest flyes, Upright row a 2 minute rest & the whole circuit again & then a cool down.

1000km in 2010
Distance in June has been my lowest this year to date, this was due to recovery time after the Edinburgh half marathon and my trip to Montreal. I still managed to clock up 64.89 km (40.32 miles) though & it takes my distance from the start of the year till today to........
618.22km (384.15 miles)
So with 6 months of the year still to go I'm fairly confident I can smash my target of 1000km in 2010.

Tomorrow morning will see me in the gym for 7.45am - can't wait - I'm back in the zone again :-)

Back soon
lots of love

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