Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Hello Fudgey friends,

I hope you've all been managing to enjoy our summer sunshine. It's not my kind of weather - but nice to see some sun all the same and great to hang washing out on the line to dry.
I hope the sports fans out there are also enjoying all the summer sport - The World cup and Wimbledon in particular. I actually have seen none of either yet this year.
I have to confess though to getting sucked into Big Brother - I know shameful but at the end of a busy day it requires little to no brain effort to watch :-)

I think it's fair to say I'm over my jet lag now and back to form after a little dip last week - I also discovered that piriton & I just don't get along. With the warm weather and having been out cutting grass and weeding I have been suffering with itchy eyes, runny nose & yesterday a rash from the weeds in the garden - on Friday evening I took a piriton tablet & proceeded to fall asleep for 2 hours after dinner - only getting up for an hour or so to watch some TV before going back to bed & yesterday after coming in from cutting the grass & weeding for about an hour and a half I thought I better take a tablet as my arms were red & blotchy & itchy & again I ended up falling asleep for an hour! I've now invested in some Non drowsy hayfever & allergy relief tablets and unless I want a good nights sleep will be staying away from the piriton

There has been a small amount of running this week. Friday morning I managed to haul my butt out of bed and into the gym for my regular Friday morning running session, then this morning I headed out about 10.20am for a quick 5k. It was 20 degrees and a very hot, sweaty run. I was Thankful for a small breeze on the homeward stretch and for some shade from the trees in East Fettes Avenue. I was a little slower than my usual pace but just pleased to be out and running. Again today I noticed a distinct lack of men - maybe they are just more sensible than to go out running in this heat? I'm hoping to get my training plan in place very soon for the Glasgow half marathon in 10 weeks. I know my training plans already for Mon to Thurs this week in my head so as long as I get some time before Thurs to plan a bit further ahead it'll all be good.
This week is also going to see the return of my 3 mornings a week in the gym - it slipped a little since the Edinburgh half marathon, but I think I needed that rest time - though now it's time to get serious again if I really want sub 2 hours in Glasgow.

I'm having some problems with Mr Garmin he doesn't seem to be picking up the satellite signal very well when I first switch on & I'm finding I'm standing around for ages waiting to get started running. I have a Forerunner 205 - does anyone else have this problem?

The Fudgey Kitchen
Today I've made some butternut squash & carrot soup & butternut squash chilli. If you didn't already know - I'm a huge butternut squash fan LOL.
I also have some pictures of the amazing orange baked cheesecakes I made last weekend which I must post up.

Well Done
One last final thing before I go I just want to say a massive Well Done to Karen Selby who ran in the Prestwold 10k today in 30 degree heat & still managed a cracking time of 56mins 57 secs. Well Done to Claire & Valine who were also running - you ladies look amazing in the post race pictures.....please share your secret ;-)
Well Done to all of you.

Well that's it for now from Mrs Fudgey.

Take Care everyone
lots of love

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  1. Hot here in Belgium too! Makes the running tough, I must have sweated off five pounds!