Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Aggression session

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? I've not been feeling quite myself the last few days - a combination of a number of things including not sleeping well but after today's workout I don't think that's going to be an issue tonight!
Nothing for anyone to be worrying about though - I'll soon bounce back to my usual fudgey self.
A bit of a random mish mash of updates on a few things so bear with me - as I said on Sunday normal service will return soon.

Aggression session
Sometimes you need an outlet for stress and angst & today's session satisfied that need in full:-)

started off with some skipping & then some punching - jabs, hooks & upper cuts.
Then 3 sets of 20 side kicks each leg
3 sets of round house kicks 1 low, 1 high for a minute each leg
3 sets of 40 seconds freestyle on punch bag & then 20 seconds jabs only hard & fast!
3 sets of 10 squat & hold
3 supersets of 15 jack knifes & 40 second swiss ball plank
3 supersets of 30 oblique cycles & 20 komodo things

It was really good to do something slightly different from the usual, but my upper arms are feeling it already as I type! It was just what the Doctor ordered though.

Silent Auction
Judi's Rays of Sunshine's silent auction ended last night at 5pm & I'm so happy to tell everyone that we raised another £1,000. I'm pretty certain that when all the lots are paid for we'll have exceeded our £10,000 target - plus the gift aid will inflate it even more. I'll update you later in the week on how we've done. Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone again for sponsorship, baking, auction items, auction bids, time - which I know is so precious and all the other things that folk did to help - you are all amazing x

Monday Spin
Monday: Smurfy & I headed to lunchtime spin - it was packed to capacity & taken by the lovely but evil Andy. It was great class as always & Smurfy & I though we had to take bikes at the back rather than our usual front row position still worked flat out & looked like we'd been for a dip in the pool by the time we'd finished LOL. So sets you up for an afternoon in the office though.

Thank you
I want to Thank the girls for the Spa voucher they got me & presented me with when I got back from Canada to cheer me up as I've been under a lot of tension recently. I have the best friends ever. I hope to go for my 'treatment' just before our littlest niece's christening.

Glasgow Half Marathon
I still haven't drawn up my training plan for GHM but I'm planning a run tomorrow morning & will have my plan in place by the end of the week - really GHM is just a training run for the inaugural Scottish Kilomathon 4 weeks later

Special Big Hug
A special big hug from Scotland to Paul & Kristin & all the family across the pond. Thinking of you all. Send Diane our love.
Mum Smith has been passing on the news & Mr Fudgey and I are thinking of you all & sending lots and lots of love. Miss you guys - wish I could give you a proper hug Kristin - hope these wee guys will do for now.

Hugs also to anyone who needs one - never under estimate the power of a hug - we all need one from time to time.

Well time for Mrs Fudgey to go.

Take Care everyone
lots of love

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