Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rested up and raring to go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I'm feeling much better and more rested after a week of very little activity. I only trained for an hour last week which compared to the 5 or 6 hours I had been doing including an average of 25 miles running a week was practically nothing, but I felt after the half marathon I really needed a break to let my body & mind recover.

There's not much news to report from the weekend I've been pretty wiped out & had a migraine on Sunday afternoon that ended up in me going to bed & sleeping for a few hours. Thankfully this isn't something that I suffer from regularly.
I did manage to watch 3 whole films over the last few days though - which for me is something of an achievement as I have a bad habit of dozing off. We watched Leon - OMG how have I never seen this movie? - I loved it. We also watched the 3rd Blade movie - Blade Trinity - it wasn't as good as the first 2 but still worth watching and last night we watched The Avengers - a little odd, but then the tv series was too.

Mr Fudgey and I both had the day off yesterday but never did anything special - it was just nice to have a day relaxing together.

Back to work today - confused already with the days after having the day off yesterday.

I had a personal training session this afternoon - which was fantastic and just what I needed after my week of resting
quick warm up on cross trainer
3 x tri set of Olympic bar squats, 1 min ski sit & 1 min swiss ball plank
3 x superset 12 bosu lunges each leg with 12.5kg barbell & 12 squats with 15lb dumbbell
Hill intervals 6% gradient 30 sec at 7km/h & 1 min at 9.2km/h - 6 times - I felt sick!
3 x superset 12 reverse curls & 3 ab combo thingys that hurt ;-$
finishing with maximal press up test - managed 39 and a half.

There seems to be lots going on at the moment for loads of people I know, people coping with loss, friends & colleagues who are very ill, people under a lot of stress, people job hunting, people flat hunting or moving house & people who have family or friends who are in hospital - I'm sending everyone loads of love, hugs & positive thoughts.

I have one last thing to say before I go....

An enormous Well Done to my Mum, Sister & Nieces who completed their sponsored walk in aid of the girls' nursery. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of them with their medals.

Take Care everyone

lots of love
Fudgey x x x

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  1. Glad to see you are feeling back up to working out - must have been that ice bath! I am still stiff today, have just been biking and walking a bit. Plan to return to the gym tomorrow.