Thursday, 10 June 2010

Let's Do it for Judi

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone today?

As promised a special post about Judi & her Rays of Sunshine.

I had not signed up for anything after the half marathon but when I heard the news that our friend & colleague Judi had recently been diagnosed with Cancer of the Pancreas and is undergoing chemotherapy, and that a group of my amazing, kind and generous colleagues from Standard Life Investments had signed up to take part in the Race for Life on Sunday, I just had to sign up too.

Our target is to raise £10,000 to fund research into this horrible disease, particularly to improve early detection, diagnosis and treatment and, ultimately, quality and length of life for patients.

We have a large team to walk/run on Judi's behalf: 'Judi's Rays of Sunshine' comprising the following members:

Eileen Norman, Debbie Glen, Kirsten Lawer, Jane Humpage, Ria McCorisken, Rhiannon McComb, Sharon Whelan, Teresa Logan, Jenn Baillie, Karen Tweed, Fiona Squires, Lynn Scott, Kim Nelson, Denise Thomas, Sharon Burns, Tracey Killorn, Anne Duggan, Christine Rowley, Lauren Rowley, Julie Nisbet, Julie Johnson, Linda Thomson, Zoe Sheffield and me.

All the ladies are amazing but I'd like to make a special mention to Jane Humpage who set up the justgiving site, and has been sorting everyone out with our special t-shirts for Sunday - can't wait to see them. Jane has a pretty full on workload at the moment too so I just want to say Thanks to her for all her organising on top of everything else & of course to her boss Debbie for being so supportive too.
As well as the justgiving site for sponsorship we are also having a bake sale at the office tomorrow and again Thanks to Jane & Eileen who have been organising this, but also Thanks to everyone who is helping man the tables, supplying cakes (especially my fabby Mum in Law) & buying them too. There will also be raffle tickets & lucky straws to purchase for those trying to be good. In addition to the Bake Sale we are also launching a Silent Auction and have some fantastic items to be bid upon. An enormous Thank you to the many generous donators and to everyone who has been phoning & emailing around to ask for goodies. I know Linda Whitelaw has being doing a huge amount. You have all done Judi proud.

Don't forget the men
It's not just the ladies that are involved either. Special Thanks to Mr Fudgey for making the posters to display and for being the official photographer on Sunday. An enormous Thanks to Mike for his contribution to the post race social event, Thanks to David W who has also been busy on the silent auction front and to Stuart & David who I think have been tasked with decorating the venue.

There are so many people that have sponsored us, are helping with the bake sale, the raffle & the silent auction, those that are taking part & supporting on Sunday that there are just too many people to mention individually, but Thank you to everyone - all your help is so so appreciated and I know Judi will want me to say a massive Thank you to you all.

So if anyone is at a loose end on Sunday morning at 11am why not head down to Holyrood Park in Edinburgh to cheer everyone on. It should be a great day. I'll let you know how it all goes....with photos too.

Take Care everyone


  1. Such a great cause. Hope all goes well with the bake sale tomorrow. And good luck for the run on Sunday :)

  2. I did the Edinburgh RFL 2 years ago, and there's a lot of uphill! It's good fun and a great event though - hope you raise a ton of cash!

  3. So great that you are using your running - again! - to support a great cause! I hope you girls make your goal (I sent you a few euros to add to the pot)!

  4. Thanks Rachel - bake sale was awesome we raised £1607.23. I need to run to burn off the cakes I bought & ate!

    Liz - I did it last year & ran that b of a hill a few times in training for the Edinburgh half so know what to expect - not my fave - but love the challenge!

    Amy - Thank you so much - all the girls really appreciate all the support - we are well on way to target

    love you all x