Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mrs Smith & the Smith Machine

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?
I'm good really good. Trained 3 days out of 4 so far this week and feeling so much better for it already.

Today's Session
was great and I got to try some new things too including that scary looking thing called the Smith machine but it is ace.

Today's session consisted of the following:

3 x superset of 2 minutes on vario machine at level 10 speed above 96 followed by 10 swiss ball passes

3 x superset of squats on Smith machine (first set 10lb each side & other 2 sets 15lbs each side) & 20 oblique cycles. Totally different sensation doing squats on the smith machine rather than the olympic bar - but really good & as it was new to me a little challenging.

3 sets of 12 calve raises again on smith machine 10lb each side - calves were burning.

3 supersets of overhead lunges with 12.5kg barbell 16, 14 & 12 (8, 7 & 6 each leg)& 30 second swiss ball plank roll outs. I'm not quite at this stage yet - but here's a clip / demo of the lunges

& session finished off with 3 sets of wood chops first set 20kg & other 2 sets I managed 25kg.

I feel I'm getting fitter and stronger and healthier all the time and I love it.

My wonderful personal trainer Colin also got me my Bannatynes world cup workout t-shirt and is going to write me a new programme - I hope with stick man drawings!

Wonderful Hubby
Mr Fudgey as ever is great and has been encouraging me to get back into my fitness routine - it makes all the difference when you get support from those closest to you & I am very lucky to have Mr Fudgey and the rest of my fudgey family and friends.

And that my fudgey friends is all for today - I'm off to make omlettes.

see you soon


  1. That's a great workout Miss Fudgey, well done :)

  2. Thanks honey. I loved today's session think I'll be feeling it tomorrow though!