Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Catching Up

Dear Fudgey Friends,

Sorry sorry sorry. I hadn't forgotten about my blog I've just not been in the right frame of mind to write - & sometimes when you have nothing positive to say you're better just shutting up! There's not been anything bad happening but I've just been a bit fed up & a little stressed out - back to normal now though & will try & catch up all up to date for the last week.

I ran in the morning - a fast 5k. Then I also went to circuits for the first time in months - I adore circuits class - think I am a glutton for punishment & last weeks class didn't disappoint. Already had pretty 'good' ab DOMS from Tuesday's PT so when you read the list of stations & see all the ab work you can imagine how I felt afterwards.
There were 21 stations and we did 90 seconds at each
step ups, split squat,plyometric lunges,swiss ball reverse curl,swiss ball passes, swiss ball plank, swiss ball crunches, bent over row, clean & press, jabs & squat thrust, single leg deep hops, squat & hold, lunge & hold, crunches, plank, glute bridge, press ups, press & push, lat raises, mountain climbers & sprints

Oh my poor abs! Still managed a 30 minute spin express class though.

Didn't make it for my Friday morning run and couldn't go at lunchtime as I had to be home for the surveyor coming at 3pm.

Was a really hot day here but it was lovely & quiet so hubby & I just enjoyed being at home.

I headed into the gym & did a 6k run on the treadmill before going to the beautician and then meeting Mr Fudgey for cake & coffee. We then went to help his Mum & Dad with their stall at an Antique Fair before heading home & then I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making sweet potato, coconut & chilli soup, sweet potato curry & rhubarb crumble :-)

Back to work. Things are really really busy at the moment and I had a pretty full on day.

Never wrote this down until I came to try & blog & 24 hours on I can't clearly remember it all - I am such a sieve head sometimes.

Hill intervals 6% gradient 30 sec at 8km/h & 1 min at 9.2km/h - 6 times - I felt sick & was a lovely sweaty mess by only about 5 minutes into the it though!

3 x superset of front squats with 15kg barbell - was so sweaty after the running the bar kept sliding! & 24 power lunges (12 each leg)

3 x superset of ab extensions with 8kg medicine ball & oblique cycles (28 & 20, 20 & 18, 15 & 16) only 15 second rest between sets

3 x superset of 2 min on vario machine at level 10 & 15 clean & press with 15kg barbell

3 sets of swiss ball pass 12, 10 & 8 only 15 second rest between sets

We had our annual conference at work yesterday & social evening afterwards.

Plan was to get up and run this morning but I had a really restless night of sleep so just went into work with Mr Fudgey - plus I needed that hour before my 2 and half hours of meetings kicked off at 9am. I was delighted to get in to work to find the home report for the flat had been completed.
I headed to circuits with Smurfy & KMac today - the first time the 3 of us have gone to the gym together in ages. It was great.
I don't know how long we spent at each station today but we had press up hold, single leg raises, alternate arm & leg extensions, theraband sit & hold, skipping, punching punch bag, squeeze sit & hold, bench side steps, swing & squat, hops, mountain climbers, sprints, and agility ladder. Then we finished up with some partnered pad & punching work. Was a great class today - sad already I will miss next week - though did suggest I could video conference in.
Before leaving work this evening I was super happy to see our flat up on the ESPC - officially now on the market so we will sit back & wait & see what happens.

Last week we watched BladeRunner - which I have to confess I didn't enjoy - Mr Fudgey despairs of me I think. We also watched Alice in Wonderland which was good.

Weighty Issues
My diet has been not so good since the half marathon & I've gained a few pounds so I really need to make a concerted effort to get back to normality and to make sure I stick to the 3 mornings a week at the gym - I've only being doing 1 morning a week for the last few weeks, but I think my body & mind really needed this recovery period. I take the positive that I recognise my shortcomings and know exactly what I need to do to address them.

Race for Life
This Sunday is our Race for Life event & I really want to do a completely separate post on Judi's Rays of Sunshine so promise I'll do that tomorrow. You can join our Judi's Rays of Sunshine group on facebook.

I'm sure I've missed out lots of stuff but I have brain drain now & am hungry so I'll love you leave you there. Back tomorrow I promise.

Fudgey x

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