Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Off and running

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?
I'm a happy little fudgeykin as I know have a training plan in place for the next 14 weeks & am excited to get back into the regime. I also had a great day out yesterday at Melville Castle for our department away day & this year never got sunburnt but spent a whole day out in the fresh air - it was superb.

Away Day
We have a brilliant people committee who work really hard to put on a variety of events for us throughout the year such as quiz nights, a Christmas night, learning lunch sessions and the annual operations team away days. Most people who know me will know that team building cheesy touchy feely events aren't really my cup of tea -what I really don't like I suppose is falseness - but I'm very fortunate to work for a really good company and with some amazing people so our away day the last 2 years have been really good experiences - coming from someone who isn't usually up for that sort of thing this is a huge thumbs up. The last 2 years have been run by The Team Challenge Company who are just first class and if anyone out there is looking to organise any kind of team building, corporate or simply fun event I'd really recommend them. I don't want to give too much info away as there is still one group to take part tomorrow but my favourite part of the day was the bungee run :-)
Huge Thanks to Denise for listening to my complaining about the lack of healthy eating options last year - the food was really good this year.
I can't wait to see some of the photos

The Training Plan
Having procrastinated too long and let other things get in the way I finally sat down to try and pull a training plan together for The Glasgow Half Marathon and The Scottish Kilomathon - there are now only 14 weeks till the kilomathon so I decided I would put together a 14 week plan with the half marathon at week 10 being part of the training. Now the kilomathon is only about 5km more than the half marathon but I really want to aim for a 2 hour half marathon and this time I want to try & train over the distance rather than just under it. With this being the first ever Scottish Kilomathon I couldn't find any suitable plans to dissect and tailor my own from so I've gone slightly bonkers and opted for an intermediate marathon training plan. No this doesn't mean I'm running a marathon! But it will make sure I am race ready and it really suits the level of fitness I am at and fits in with what I'd like to achieve....so keep following my blog for progress.

Week 1 Run 1
Not off to the best of starts when I failed to get out of bed this morning for my run. I was absolutely shattered. On a positive note I'm getting much better at listening to my body and hopefully this will help me avoid injury. I'm now certain the problems I had with my illiotibial band were as a result of over training - so lesson learnt and not to be repeated. I value my health and fitness so much that I'd be an absolute nightmare to live & work with if I hurt myself and couldn't train.
Today's run did still happen though it was just in the evening rather than the morning. It was just a simple 30 minute session - 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes tempo & 10 minutes easy.....job done and a few km in the training bank.
The plan is to run to work tomorrow which is an easy 35 minute run and I was all organised and have work clothes in my locker so no excuses.

Fudgey is back on the training wagon and feeling good.

Take Care everyoe

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