Sunday, 3 January 2010

Snow, Snow, Ice, Hail, Sleet, Ice, Rain ......& more Snow

The current weather conditions totally torpedoed my Christmas running plans.
I did manage a cheeky 5k on Saturday though albeit on the treadmill in the gym.

I'm not averse to running in the rain or the cold but I don't fancy broken limbs.

It's absolutely treacherous out there.

As you can imagine I'm a little apprehensive about running conditions for Saturday's Great Winter run....but you know me.....determined

However the organisers have reliably informed me:
We shall be working closely with the council in the next few days to ensure the course is cleared in order to stage a safe event on the 9th January.

At this time of year issues such as this are always possible and as such we have a number of contingency plans in place to ensure the event can go ahead.

We will place any further updates on the website.

KMac & I will be there.....hope to see some of you other crazy runners too

Stay Safe
Fudgey x

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