Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I told you I'd do it!

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Do what I hear you ask?

Break 30min for a 5k Run ;-)

When I decided back in September that my next big personal challenge would be the half marathon, running for anymore than about 15 minutes non stop was hard work. I could do a 45 minute spin class no problem but running was a whole new battle.

My workouts & personal training sessions changed from focusing on weight loss towards training for the run. Colin told me to start running 6km & record my times and work on improving them. The first 6km run took me 43 minutes & 13 seconds on 6th October and I was pretty pleased with that. I've now got that down to about 37 - 38 minutes.

I also started running at lunchtime but knew I didn't have enough time in my lunch hour to fit in 6km so started working on 3km & improving on that. I then decided to set myself the challenge of being able to run 5km in 30 minutes.....for someone who a year ago couldn't run for a bus this would be a big achievement. I told Colin that I'd do it....and I did!

Anyway to cut a long story short I ran 5km in 29 minutes 56 seconds....I was over the moon.

Colin challenged me this morning to run 3km as fast as I could and I did that in 17 minutes.

These may not seem like huge things to other people, but they are to me.

I know I'll never be THE best.....but I 100% guarantee I will be MY best.

So the moral of the story. Don't do things because other people tell you to, do them because you want to. Challenge yourself. Be the best you can be.....you'll feel so good when you reach your goal.

So next challenge now is to break 60 minutes for 10km & consistently run sub 30 over 5km.....do I think I can do it?.....too right I can!


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