Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Good to Go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Today I had another fabulous training session with my amazing personal trainer.
We did a similar session to the one I did last week, running a km with exercises in between (different ones this week) x 5, again trying to match or better each km's speed & the overall challenge to take 10 seconds off the total time.
You know me set me a challenge and I'll do my best to rise to it.............so did I manage it?.....you bet.....a whooping 28 seconds off :-)
I think it makes a real difference when you know someone else is there monitoring and motivating you.
It also makes up for Sunday's off colour running.

Today's Session
Run 1km (5.50) last week 5.56
20 lunges with medicine ball (10 each leg)
Run 1km (5.41) last week 5.44
12 lunges each leg with front foot on bosu ball & hand weights
Run 1km (5.36) last week 5.42
12 x 2 squat thrust followed by press up
Run 1km (5.32) last week 5.38
some really challenging ab work
Run 1km (5.27) last week 5.34
15 swiss ball squats
1 min ski sit

Clean Bill of Health
Today I had to head off to see the doctor as I wanted to get my dodgy runner's feet looked at and I've also been having an intermittent pain in my right shin. It doesn't hurt when I run, only when I don't and yesterday when it was bitterly cold it was throbbing. I thought I better get it checked out now as I'd rather take a few days off now than a few weeks later when I've run myself into the ground literally.
Anyway it was all good news. Apparently my feet aren't as bad as some she's seen....poor woman! I think mine are vile. She said the hardening of the skin is a good sign and I'm doing the right thing by taping my feet. I also apparently have muscular feet?
Re the shin she told me I can keep running. YIPPEE :-D
Her theory is that it's just my body adapting to my running regime and actually taking time off the running could make it worse when I start again. I like this theory. She did tell me to be sensible though and listen to my body and if it gets worse to come back. She also suggested getting a sports massage and recommended The Space Clinic.
So a clean bill of health. This Fudgey is good to go!

On that note I'm gonna toddle off & spend some quality time with Mr Fudgey.

Love to all

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