Saturday, 23 January 2010

Running Out of Steam?

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I'm Back! It's been a busy busy old week & at times I thought my head would spin off or implode - not sure which would be worse?

Anyway I'm NOT running out of steam, I've just been uber busy with work and one thing or another.

Those who know me well will tell you that I often get very personally involved and take on too much, but that's just me I don't see the point in doing something if you aren't going to put the effort in and do it right.....or at the very least give it a damn good shot. I'm just passionate, focused and sometimes a bit mad!

Thankfully I have a fabby hubby, great family, amazing friends, the best personal trainer in the world and some very wise colleagues who help keep me grounded.

So what's been happening this week.

They are AWESOME. In fact I think they have wings. On Monday lunchtime I went for my regular lunchtime run - the distance I can fit in is now 5km as my average pace is so much faster than it used to be. 2 months ago when I started my running training I could manage about 3km.
Anyway fudgey was wearing animal print tights so could not tape my feet pre gym. My lovely colleagues are now used to me taking off my shoes & socks & taping up my feet, not to mention all the weird & wonderful things I eat & drink or the nonsense I babble on a daily basis - however removing my tights may have been a step too far. Dopey fudge did not think to use the ladies toilets to do this DOH!
So I put my roll of zinc oxide tape in my bag & headed to the gym. Only to realise when I got there and got changed that I didn't have scissors to cut it.
I decided I'd run with untaped feet but as soon as I felt the slightest rubbing I would stop.
5km and 29 mins 3 secs later not a single blister in sight. Oh & my fastest 5km to date. I was walking on air!!!
Loving the Progrid Hurricane 10s.

My beautiful friend Caroline asked me to be a client for her facial course at college on Monday night.
OMG. I felt so relaxed afterwards and it was just what I needed. It was the best facial ever.
Hope you passed Caroline?

After yet another demanding & challenging day at the office I headed down to the gym where I experienced one of my toughest sessions yet. Thanks Colin!
The idea was that I should run each km faster or equal to the previous but with some added extra in between to fatigue the legs etc. This is what I did....
Run 1km (5.56)
15 clean & press
15 jack knifes
Run 1km (5.44)
20 jumps onto / between 2 steps
12 lunges each leg with front foot on step & with weighted bar....I don't even want to know what weight it was
Run 1km (5.42)
8 x 2 squat thrust followed by press up
Run 1km (5.38)
15 swiss ball squats
1 min ski sit
Run 1km (5.34)

Phew I'm exhausted again just remembering it....but it was a fantastic session. Having the challenge to try and better my time each km really motivated me. What motivates you? Use that motivation to achieve your goals it is so worth it.

My body told me today I had to rest and I am becoming very good at listening to it. Another busy busy day at work though did play a small part in me not getting to the gym....though for once I am thankful.

Thursday morning it was a major effort to haul myself out of bed and into the office for 7am. I managed to forget my staff id and our ever so efficient security wouldn't let me in! I was practically in tears till one of our equity dealers arrived having also forgotten his id so we were able to vouch for each other.
The effervescent KMac managed to cheer me up with our regular coffee trip & her run down of her morning gym visit.
Thanks for buying my coffee honey and putting up with my moany face x
For those who don't know we load cash onto our id badge to buy breakfast, lunch, coffees etc in the staff canteen or pass effectively = no money
Thursday did turn into a better day and I manged to make quite a bit of progress with work issues and then realised goodness it's Thursday already wow that means it Friday tomorrow. See at least I know the order the days come in!
I managed to get away from work on time so headed for a run. 7km today in 41 mins 41 secs, again wearing the Progrid Hurricane 10s
I then went and met the lovely Mr Smith and took him out for dinner. We both really enjoyed it. So Thursday ended on a high with good running and dinner date with my hubby ;-D

Thank Fudgey it's Friday
and before I knew it, it was Friday. Yippee! Had a great nights sleep and feeling much better and also excited by the anticipation of no alarm clock for Sat morning.
I'm not the only person who felt its been a really torrid week so many people I've spoken to also seem to have been insanely busy or stressed out.
I never managed to get to spin class as I had hoped but my legs are telling me they are needing a proper rest so I am saving them for another long Sunday run. It's taken a while but I now accept that the rest days are just as important as the training ones. 4 months now to the half marathon and I want to get there a lean mean fudgey running machine not a burnt out old wreck!

Wow this has turned into a long blog today - hope I haven't put you to sleep.

I'm away off now to make a butternut squash chilli but I'll be back tomorrow to fill you in on my long weekend run.

Hope you all have a great weekend
Fudgey xxx


  1. I hear you on the hellish week, mine was equally hellish! I can't wait to make the butternut squash chilli, enjoy!

  2. I hope everyone has a much better week next week x