Saturday, 16 January 2010

New Shoes

I never thought I'd see the day I got so excited about a pair of trainers.....well actually running shoes.

I'd had a pair of Saucony shoes before & thought they were good, so back in November when I decided to invest in a pair of running shoes for my training I knew that I'd most likely buy Saucony.

I got a pair of Saucony Lady Grid Stabil 6 Running Shoes and from my previous blog you'll know I've already run 120km wearing them. Including last weekends Great Winter Run

Reading the fantastic book KMac got me for Christmas it suggested that you should have 2 pairs of shoes to alternate to allow the shoes to 'recover' (to do with the midsole being compressed during running) & also gives the shoes a chance to dry out & stop them getting too smelly. I've also read & been told the average shelf life of a pair of running shoes is 500- 800km.

So I've invested in another pair of Saucony's this time Saucony Lady ProGrid Hurricane 10 Running Shoes

I'm itching to get my new shoes on and run but tomorrows session is a long run - hopefully about 11km so probably not the wisest move to wear new shoes.....I'll have to wait till my Monday shorter session.

Tomorrow I'll also be trying out Lucozade Body Fuel I'll let you know what that is like as well as updating you on my weeks training.

Hope you are all having a fudgey weekend.

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