Sunday, 17 January 2010

Keep on Running.....126 days to EHM

Hello Fudgey Friends

I've had an brilliant running / training week this week. Put in 29km not to mention the 2 spin express classes & some weights in the gym too.

This morning was the first time this year that I got to do my Sunday morning outdoor run. Finally all the snow & ice has cleared.

When I woke up I wasn't really feeling like going for a run but knew once I was out and running I'd be glad I was.
Mr Fudgey asked me how long I'd be gone for so I said probably around an hour as I hoped to run 10km but if it wasn't happening I'd be back sooner.

Kitted up and out the door.....what a beautiful day, sun shining, no wind,and pretty mild.

Today's session wasn't about speed.... I wanted to run at a fairly steady pace and be able to run for about 70 -75 mins which is what I thought I'd do for 11km. So much for not really feeling in the mood - the running was good 11km in 1 hour 6 mins and 41 secs and it felt amazing - there was definitely more running in my wee legs today.

At the half way mark I tried the Lucozade Body Fuel gel - it was like pure sugar and for someone like me who is very conscious of what they eat actually not that pleasant, but I sucked it out of the foil and washed down with some water. I don't know if it was psychological or not but I felt it did help me keep going and was probably the reason I felt I could have gone for further and longer.

With 126 days to go to my big challenge of the half marathon I'm feeling quietly confident, inspired, motivated and so so alive ;-)
Next planned event though is The Great Ireland Run (10km) in April but I'm hoping to find a couple of other runs between now and then. Remember all this is for charity so please please visit my just giving page and sponsor me if you can
I'll do a lovely blog about my chosen charity CCLASP very soon.

Will update you on how the new running shoes feel tomorrow.

Love to everyone
Fudgey xx

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