Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.....

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing weekend. Unfortunately my Sunday morning run wasn't all I hoped it would be today but I'll learn from the negatives & the positives.

Even though from the moment I woke up I didn't feel like running I booted myself up the bum and got my kit on. I also filled my new running water bottle....purchased from my gym Bannatynes. When I started running hubby had bought me a small running bottle from 'run for it' and it was great but only held 250ml - it was also not the easiest to get the water out of. Now I'm running further and longer I felt I needed a bigger bottle & the Banntynes one holds almost 500ml.

I can now recommend this bottle to anyone looking for a running water bottle. It is easy to hold and easy to get the water out of on the move. It also looks nice!
Today I was again wearing my long technical running tights purchased from Time to Run, courtesy of the voucher my wonderful Mum & Dad gave me for Christmas. I love these so much I am thinking of getting another pair or a pair of the cropped ones.
It was good that I got up and went out running unfortunately it wasn't the best of runs and I returned home feeling sore, annoyed & unfulfilled.

Nothing awful happened. The running part of me just didn't switch on this morning and my body wasn't responding the way I wanted it to. It was grey, cold and damp day which I don't think helped the old joints or morale. It was also much busier this week and several times I had to stop / well run on the spot waiting to cross the road. I also had to negotiate many pedestrians and 3 pushchairs. I think I'm quite a considerate runner and I try not to be too obtrusive but some people either have no spacial awareness or are just plain ignorant. About 3.5km into my run I had to stop and walk a little, I had tension in the front of my right ankle, pain in my right shin and right inner thigh. I walked for about a minute and then set off again. Coming up to the 5.5km mark I had to decide either a) head home or b) carry on the the other 5.5km. I'm still not sure if I was wise or foolish? will let you know what my body says in the morning! I decided that I'd beat myself up for the rest of the day if I only did 5.5km and that even if I walked the other part of my run it was better than quitting. I also thought to myself what would I do in the half marathon if I was half way and just didn't feel in the mood? I know that I wouldn't give up then so why should I now? well other than a few niggles but I knew that they were only niggles nothing serious.
Fueled by a Lucozade Body Fuel Gel I managed a better second half than the first and actually the last km the running part of me did switch on and I flew.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the ugly but it's a real soap box issue for me. DOG POOP. OMG I have never seen so much dog dirt on the pavements in my life. I pity the poor souls who already had encountered this and taken it further than it's original location. It was quite shocking and another reason why I didn't enjoy my run so much today. I'm going to leave that whole subject there - though belive me I could rant for hours on the subject.

I got home 11km 1 hour 12 mins and 26 seconds later. Fantastic Mr Fudgey had been busy doing the housework. He heard all about my run and was so supportive he totally understood how I felt. I had a lovely hot shower and then a muscle soak bath and felt much better. I'm not going to beat myself up that today's running wasn't my best, at least I was out there and as I said at the start I'll learn from the positives and the negatives. Sometimes you have to experience the bad & the mediocre to really appreciate the good and the great so I'm not downheartened at all tomorrow is another day & I'll be back!!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. I'm off now to chill. I've even poured myself a glass of wine :-D

lots of love


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