Thursday, 7 January 2010

Porridge, Pasta & Personal Training

Hello Fudgey Friends

Hope this finds you all well & coping with the sub zero temperatures....I can't believe how cold it is.

I thought I'd give you an update on my week so far ahead of my winter wonderland adventure - The BUPA Great Winter Run tomorrow.
The course has had to be changed to a flatter 4km rather than the planned 5km round Arthurs Seat due to the icy conditions.....but KMac & I will still be there

Monday 4th Jan saw me back to work & back to some kind of normality though it was still very quiet as here in Scotland we also have a holiday on Jan 2nd & most people took this in lieu since this fell on Sat.
Caught up with the effervescent KMac over our usual morning trip to our Starbucks counter....non stop chatter there & back....It's good to be back.

Tuesday 5th Jan saw hubby return to work too. Really back to normality now.
I tested the M& S Instant Porridge sultana & apple flavour...Amazing :-) At 90p a tub a bit pricey but when you are as conscious about what you feed your body as I am....well worth it. I also had a wild sweet orange Tazo tea from Starbucks ;-)
This was also my first lunchtime gym session since Christmas eve.....I popped down at lunchtime to grab a quick 20min run on the Treadmill & it felt great to be was good to see a few of the regular faces too & I had a quick chat with my fantastic personal trainer Colin

Wednesday 6th Jan - up & out to hit the gym for 7am & managed a 10km Treadmill time was slow 67mins 13 secs but I had committed a cardinal sin......'Running on Empty'....well actually 3 mouthfuls of tea. This is not something I'd recommend & I must discipline myself to get up earlier & eat something as I increase my training for the half marathon. Hubby, Colin & KMac if you read this please don't give me a row....I gave myself one.
Once I got into the office I tried another portable porridge, this time from Asda. Flahavans Instant Oats 45p ....not as yummy as the M & S one but still pretty damn good & just what I needed after my run. I also had a Tazo Passion tea.

Thursday 7th Jan Up & at the gym again for 7am for my first Personal Training Session of the year. I started having sessions back in May when my weight loss stuck & I'm so glad I did...I would have reached my goal eventually without it but I wouldn't have been as fit or have the body shape I do now. I love my sessions with Colin, he pushes me really hard, constantly challenges me, but also makes sure I don't overdo it either.
In this session we worked upper body & abs which was strange as recently we've been working so much on the legs & training for the half marathon but I had run on Wed & need fresh legs for Sat. The hour as always just flew by.

Friday 8th Jan A rest day in more ways than one. No gym for me today saving myself for the run tomorrow. I also didn't make my packed lunch as usual. I am normally very very strict during the week about what I eat & don't leave home without my fudgey pink lunch bag of supplies but today I treated myself. I had an amazing salad from the canteen of cous cous, chicken, red onion, green olives, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, balsamic dressing & seeds.
The afternoon saw some quality girly chat with KMac & Mandy. They kept making me laugh which wasn't funny as I kept telling them 'Don't make me laugh....Colin broke my abs yesterday' KMac, Mandy - you guys are the best I am still chuckling thinking about the chat & the calories burnt discussions!!!
This evening I made wholewheat spaghetti with onions, garlic, bacon & half fat creme fraiche - one of the brilliant Scottish Slimmers recipes.

I feeling fabby I'm feeling fudgey & the fresh legs are starting to twitch and can't wait to run tomorrow.

If anyone is there tomorrow KMac & I will be the ones wearing the pink plastic ponchoes & leg warmer combo & probably talking non stop right up to the start.
Hubby I thank you so much in advance for coping with us & supporting us....I'll try not to cry at the end this time!

We'll both update you tomorrow with how we get on.

Stay Safe & Stay Warm

Fudgey xxxx

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