Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's not all about me

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well as you will see from my countdown clock it is nearly time. Tomorrow I'll be running the Edinburgh Marathon.

I really wanted to a quick post tonight to say Thank you and to recognise all the people who have helped & supported me to get this far as they are all as much a part of this as I am.

Mr Fudgey - Best Hubby in the world
Poor Mr Fudgey has probably had the toughest job of all. He has been so patient, supportive, encouraging & when I needed it honest with me. I could write a whole post about just how wonderful he is.

Family, Friends, Colleagues
I'm so lucky to have the most amazing support network of family, friends & colleagues. Mum & Dad Lockie, Mum & Dad Smith, The McWilliams Clan, Mr & Mrs Muppet, Gran, Liz, Kenneth, and Fay. KMac & Smurfie who help keep me sane. Colin Fraser who keeps me in shape. Clare Fulton - Sports Masseuse Extraordinaire. My wonderful work colleagues who endure my endless running chat & sometimes boundless energy / hyperactivity!

Amazing Charity
I'm running for an amazing charity - Bliss. Hannah at Bliss has been fantastic sending out weekly emails to EMF runners, organising cheering materials, t-shirts, running vests and generally answering queries.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far. It's not to late though if anyone else would still like too.

Mark Cooper
Mark is a running friend I've made this year & he is tackling the impressive challenge of running the 10k, 5k, half Marathon & Marathon this weekend.

In the past 6 months I've made many running friends through DailyMile. I'd especially like to mention the running lovelies Emma W & Karen S - who have inspired me so much & who are both also running the Marathon tomorrow.
There are way too many people to mention - but those I can think of who are running tomorrow as well are: Lena C, Richard M, HonestJim, MovingA, IanP, Chloe M, Armando & Neil G - Good Luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing all your DM post race updates :-)
Also Ben W who is running the Windermere Marathon tomorrow - Good Luck ;-)
I wish I could mention everyone as you are all fab.

Well time for me to go & try relax a bit. Will post briefly tomorrow to let you know I made it.

lots of love