Sunday, 8 May 2011

Making Progress

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Sorry I haven't had a chance to post since Monday - I honestly don't know where the time goes.

2 Weeks to go
It's now less than 2 weeks till the Edinburgh Marathon and I'm starting my taper & race day prep already. I've written my name on my Bliss running top, though this looks like it's run a little when I washed it after wearing to train today :-(. I've stocked up on the gels I'll be used, checked I have enough foot tape and tested out my race day kit. I also had a wee emotional moment yesterday and I'm sure it'll be the first of many between now & race day, but I've done as much training as I possibly could and thankfully am injury free so there's not much more I can do now. I'm nervous & excited at the same time.

Making Progress
The last couple of months have really seen me progress in terms of my running. A few edited highlights...
* March: logged my first 50km + week (in fact there were 2 weeks > 50k)
* March: ran the furthest I ever had before (31k)
* April: logged my first 60km + week
* April: a new PB at Kilomathon distance (26.2km) taking 6 minutes 21 seconds off my time from October 2010
* April: increased my furthest distance run (32.35km)
* May: though only 1 week old has seen me log my first 70km+ week
* May: a new furthest distance (35.17km)

I also looked back at the first 4 months of last year compared to this year and it looks pretty good to me:-)

Training this week
It's been a strange week as I had my long run on Monday so though this was the start of my taper I was beginning the week with my log run delayed from Sunday - so technically that belonged to last week.

Tuesday I squeezed in a short recovery run and was really please at how good it felt. I expected this to hurt so was delighted when it didn't.

Wednesday - just a short run before work as that was all I could fit in

Thursday - run & ride. I ran most of the way to work about 85% of the way but then got the bus the last bit. Partly to get to work quicker and partly as I don't want to overdo it at this late stage.

Friday - Personal training.

felt so tired all day & then I had PT - afterwards apart form the dead arms I felt fab.

3 sets of 10 squat thrust & jumping pull up - these pull ups are starting to look real good even if I say so myself

4 supersets of 10 narrow grip underarm cable pull down 37.5kg with hanging legs raises - these were poor given what I know I can do, sets of 9, 11, 7 & 6

4 supersets of 12 wide grip cable pull down 70kg & 15 cable flyes only 7.5kg

3 evil trisets if 15 lunges 55kg, 16 overhead alternate powerlunges 10kg & 20 alternate komodos

3 supersets of hamstring cable curls 30kg 10 each leg with 12 cable crunches 35kg

My upper body then had that lovely dull heavy ache :-) I love it

Saturday = Total rest Day. I did acquaint myself with Mr Foam Roller - he hurts.

Sunday - A fairly short run today & it didn't feel that great - too be honest I wasn't in the mood but knew I had to run at least 7.71km to reach 70k for this week - I managed 8.4km and if I'd had more time probably would have run about 12 or 13 - but was glad I was on a clock and had to stop. There was no problem with my legs they feel pretty good but my arms are so broken. After my run I really struggled to get my top off!
Mr Fudgey & I then went to Thor in 3D. We both really enjoyed it. I struggled to get my coat off and then back on at the cinema - hope my arms feel better tomorrow. Lazy tonight too and went to the fish & chip shop for tea - sometimes you need a treat.

Well I think I will leave you there. I want to go get my kit organised for tomorrow and lunches etc. I have a few busy days coming up but will be back soon with a new post.

Take Care all
lots of love

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