Monday, 2 May 2011

Not Long Now

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Hope you've had a lovely holiday weekend. It was been absolutely glorious here and we've been enjoying the new conservatory furniture - as have our furry kids!

It's only been a week but I feel like we've packed so much in and now it's only 20 days to the Marathon - a good run today though has left me approaching my taper with a hint of confidence. So here's a round up on my week.

Wiped Out
I have to admit that after Easter Sunday's long run & banoffee pie indulgence I was pretty wiped out on Easter Monday & we just had a pretty lazy day about the house.

Recovery Run & PT
Tuesday I managed to fit in a pre work recovery run 5.17km Less painful than I expected after Sunday's effort. Then after work it was my weekly PT session
3 sets of 2 pull ups with a tiny help from my trainer - I'm seeing the progress slowly - soon I'll be unassisted

4 supersets of underarm grip lat pull down - first 2 sets 12 reps @ 35kg, second 2 sets 8 reps @ 40kg superset with swiss ball plank each held for a full minute

4 supersets of wide cable pull down first set 12 reps @ 60kg, second set 12 reps @ 65kg, then 2 sets of 8 reps @ 70kg superset with 12 cable wood chops each side @ 20kg

warm up set of 10 squats just the bar (about 14kg)
3 supersets of squats 15 reps @ 55kg with 12 weighted squat jumps with 10kg dumbbells. A little nervous the first set of squats at the heavier weight but managed every rep in every set

3 supersets of cable hamstring curls @ 25kg, 12 each leg with press ups 30, 25 & 20

Then I came home and enjoyed the sun in the conservatory as I was knackered!

Wednesday & Thursday Doubles
Both days I ran twice. Wednesday before (5.27km) & after work (6.52km) and decided that after work is just not my best time of day to run - I really prefer morning or lunchtime. Thursday lunchtime (5.27km) and after work (9.37km) and first run of the year in shorts. Nice steady plod. Looked like i'd been for a swim rather than a run by the end

Visiting Time
On Friday Mr Fudgey & I went through to Glasgow to visit my Gran in hospital. We are incredibly incredibly grateful to Dad Smith for taking us there & back - it saved a lot of hassle with holiday travel services and figuring out how to get to somewhere we hadn't been before on public transport. My Gran was also very grateful and though surprised when we turned up was very pleased to see us. Such shame that visiting was only an hour.

Charity Swishing Event
On Saturday I was in town all day to do mini manicures at my friend's charity swishing event, so it was another full day & I wasn't home till about 7.30pm. I had a good day though it was a shame that the event wasn't better attended especially as my friend Patricia put in so much effort organising it.

Lazy Sunday
Yesterday was a very lazy day. I planned to run but didn't as I woke up tired, dehydrated and headachy. I spent most of the day dozing in the conservatory & then in the evening had Mum & Dad Smith over for dinner as they too have had an incredibly busy week, running round doing good deeds for everyone else and giving up their time without complaint so I thought it would be nice for me to cook for them.

Another Holiday & my Longest Run Ever
I was off work again today - it's going to be a shock to the system next week when I have to work a full 5 days!
I knew I had to get in my final 20 - 22 miler before the Edinburgh Marathon and then begin my taper. So I got up, had my rice krispies, got organised including slapping on the factor 25 as it was very sunny though quite breezy. I really wasn't up for this today but planned an easy out & back route with the intention to see how I felt at 16k & either turn then or head on for another couple of k. I also made sure I had my bus pass and some money just in case, but it turned out great. Today there was more running, less walking, still a little hobbling & a little mild panic when my groin popped at 9km - but I'm fine. Highlights on today's run were being chased by a dog at about 30k - a little yappy terrier thing and then just before 32k seeing Dad Smith - who very kindly offered me a lift - hope that isn't because I looked fit to drop!
When I went out last week I ran 20.1 miles in 4 hours 16 minutes. Checkpoint at same distance today 4 hours 3 minutes. Pretty pleased with that improvement.
I managed 35.17km (21.85 miles) today & mostly felt good. A little pain in my left knee and need to keep an eye on that - I think I will definitely wear a knee support on marathon day, but this had been a massive confidence boost & though not easy I know that on race day I will manage 26.2 miles.

Time to go now & get some food with Mr Fudgey. It's been way too hot so we've waited till later & I've made some nice salad.

Take Care all
lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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