Monday, 16 May 2011


Hello Fudgey Friends,

I'm so sorry I have left you blogless - I haven't forgotten you. Please forgive me.

So where I have been for over a week you ask.

Katie Melua @ Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

On Monday 9th March we finally got to see the postponed Katie Melua concert from December and she was absolutely amazing. Brilliant night out but made for a long day as was out the house from 6.30am to squeeze in a quick pre work run - short on both time and enthusiasm though was getting into it just as I had to stop to get ready for work. Small niggles in calf and tightness in ankle. Not home till about 11.30pm - well worth it though.

Personal Torture
warm up set of 12 assisted pull ups 26kg
3 sets of 2 'unassisted' pull ups ('unassisted' = a little help from my trainer) These were poor can do better but arms still sore from Friday's PT.
3 supersets of 8 assisted pull ups 12kg with 12 assisted tricep dips 26kg
4 supersets of 10 lat pull downs 35kg & 16 alternate bicep curls 9kg
3 tri sets of lunges 25 kg bar 12 each leg, 16 medicine ball lunges 6kg & 12 swiss ball hamstring curls each leg
3 supersets 15 swissball jack knifes & 15 ab extensions with 25lb plate

It never seems to get any easier!

Back to Circuits & a cheeky wee run
My absolute favourite class with my fab friend Smurfy @ lunchtime
Didn't feel sore at all after yesterday's PT so went to circuits - think it may all catch up with me tomorrow though - arms are starting to ache & it'll be shower & early bed for me
Stations today were: lunges with 15kg bar, bicep curls 10kg bar, skipping, side raises with 3kg dumbbells, punchbag, suicides, squats 30kg, step ups with 5kg dumbbells, press up, tricep dips, inverted row & power bag sprints. 2 rounds of a minute each station.
Then after work a wee treadmill session
Running with sore abs is a little challenging but I did a workout I quite like which is after warming up for a few minutes taking the speed up by 0.1km/h each minute for 15 minutes & then back down before a cool down. Job done

Crap Day at the office
tension resolver 5.62 km - Thought this would make me feel better after a crap day at work but sadly it didn't :-(
threw in a couple of sprint intervals amongst a general plod but just wasn't really in the mood
Ended up having a fairly early night and thankfully felt better in the morning.

Friday again - where does the week go
Not been to pump for ages as been focusing so much on my running but since I'm tapering today was a NO run day but I needed / wanted to do something so I went to pump at lunchtime and really enjoyed it :-)
Still reintroducing fish into my diet and had tuna steak for the second time with no ill effect - this time I cooked it in say sauce & orange juice & it was fab. More fudgey food pictures soon I promise.

Reality Strikes
Saturday was a fairly lazy day with general tidying & laundry but the big event of the weekend was my Marathon race number arriving :-$ Real roller coaster of emotions.

Last real run before the big day
So not up for this - huge Thanks to hubby who kissed me at the front door told me to 'zip up my mansuit & get out running' First 5k were a real effort but I just kept plodding along focusing on each 1/2km at a time & it started to feel better after 5k by the time I was finishing at 13k I felt much better and wanted to go further - but being a good girl & following the taper caper- too late now to make any difference. 1 week to go #Edinburgh Marathon

More Personal Torture
Back to work today - Monday again & my weekly PT session - booked it early this week so I am recovered for the big day.
fastest hour ever
3 sets of 2 pull ups (almost unassisted)
4 supersets of 8 widegrip cable pull down 37.5kg & 15 cable flyes 12.5kg
3 sets of 1 pull up (almost unassisted)
3 supersets of 10 (each arm) single arm row 30lbs & 10 preacher curls don't know weight - don't like these they hurt!
3 trisets of 15 leg press 75kg, 20 overhead lunges 10kg & 15 weighted squat jumps 10kg dumbbells
3 sets of 10 triple crunch first set with 5lb plate but went up to 10lb as the 5 was too light!
2 sets of 10 medicine ball pass, twist, crunch combo

Good session today went past so quick

and that my dear fudgey friends is a whistle stop roundup of where I have been & what I've been up to. Busy week at the office and getting ready for the weekend.
Just keep telling myself this is what I've trained for.

Will be back soon I promise

Take Care all
lots of love

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