Monday, 30 May 2011

Life after the Edinburgh Marathon...

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I can't believe that a week has passed already since my first marathon. It's also been my first non running week in a long long time - at least a year I think & possibly as much as 18 months) So I hear you ask how have I coped not running & what have I done with my boundless energy & enthusiasm & grumpiness that sets in when I don't run....

Rest & Recovery
Last Monday I had the day off after the Marathon but felt a lot better than I expected. I pottered about the house and then headed into town to meet my fabulous hubby for coffee & cake. I also treated myself to some Clarin skincare products.

I was back to work on Tuesday & my quads were a little stiff but other than that I was absolutely fine. I had a pretty full day of meetings but a nice reward after work when I had a back, neck & shoulder massage and a facial. Then it was off to Livingston's restaurant in Linlithgow for a celebratory meal. This is the second time I've been here and the food again was simply exceptional. For my starter I had - Marbled Terrine of Confit Game, Livingston's Branston, Tomato-Bread, Hazelnuts, my main course - Fillet of Aged Scottish Beef, Braised Feather Blade, Potato Puree, Carmelised Shallots, Wilted Spinach, Red Wine Jus and dessert -
Passionfruit Tart, Chocolate Marquise, Passion Fruit Reduction, Coconut Sorbet all accompanied by an absolutely delicious Malbec & finished off with coffee & tablet.
Thank you so much to hubby for taking me.

Washed Out Wednesday
On Wednesday my quads felt more sore than they had on Monday or Tuesday and plans of maybe going to circuits were put aside. Tuesday night wasn't a late night, nor really one of over indulgence but I simply felt washed out all day - so an early night was just what the doctor ordered.

Back to the Torture
Thursday morning was my first visit back to the gym since the marathon and back to personal training.
Tightness in quads pretty much gone & good job too!

3 sets of 2 unassisted pull ups - 1st one was so nearly nearly there
4 supersets of 10 cable pull downs 65kg with 15 swiss ball chest press with 8kg dumbbells
4 supersets of 6 widegrip assisted pull ups with 12 matrix bicep curl - 4 bottom half, 4 top half, 4 full 14kg - hurt like hell!
warm up set of 15 squats 14kg
3 tri sets of 15 squats 55kg, 12 high bar lunges 10kg & 30seconds of oblique cycles managed 46, 55 & 58.

Felt surprisingly good after the Marathon

Friday saw me back in the spin studio - possibly for the first time this year I think as I've had to put in so much running so it was good to be back. 5th day of no running & had twitchy legs but taking a full weeks running rest so this was a great alternative. Forgot how much I actually enjoy spin - I am definitely far from normal.

Lazy Weekend
Not too much to report from the weekend - a very laid back & lazy one to be honest but again probably what I needed.
I had my hair done on Saturday & have gone back to brunette - not that I didn't like the blond but just too much maintenance & not really me - after all neither She Hulk or Wonderwoman are blond!
I also managed to fit in the initial tests for the 100 press up challenge (managed 30) & the 200 sit up challenge (managed 50)- both of which are not bad starting points & see me starting the programme at week 3. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

What next....
Aiming to obliterate that 10k in 3 weeks!

and beyond that......
I've entered The Dublin marathon on 31st October 2011.
After swearing during the last few weeks of training that Edinburgh was not just my first but my only Marathon - I've been bitten by the bug and signed up for another. Maybe I wouldn't have felt the same if I'd not enjoyed the run so much but I loved every minute of it and me being me am gutted I didn't finish under 5 hours so need to do better!

I think that's enough for one evening I shall leave you there and go get my running gear sorted for tomorrow.

Take Care all
lots of love


  1. Your first 2 marathons in one year?! Wow! Good luck with the training, hope you stay injury-free!

  2. Wow, you are quite a dynamo. When I ran my 2nd and last marathon (in 1998, a long time ago) I could hardly move on the Tuesday! And walking downstairs was pretty much out of the question. Love the blog, I'll be back to read more.