Friday, 3 September 2010

Whirlwind Week

Hello again Fudgey friends,

Wow where has this week gone? Well since my post on Sunday morning so much has happened & not happened!

Running or lack of it
I missed my long run on Sunday due to being unwell. In fact the first I ran was yesterday (Friday). We did plenty of walking in Windermere though and I had a great personal training session on Thursday.
On Friday I went out to run to assess my fitness for the Glasgow half marathon on Sunday. My legs have certainly benefited from the enforced rest and felt fresh and were twitching to go. I struggled in the first couple of km with my breathing, but I think partly it was in my head & I was starting to panic - I slowed my pace a little and soon settled nicely & my breathing was fine. I only ran 5k, but it was enough to reassure me that I am fit for Sunday. I may have to ease the pace back a bit, but even if I have to walk I'll finish the course. I'm starting to get a little excited about it as Glasgow is very special to me as that's where my family are from and it's a beautiful city. I'm looking forward to running through Bellahouston & Pollock Park and finishing at Glasgow Green. Will report back on Sunday how I get on.
Stats for Week 9
Distance run this week 9.87km / 6.13 miles
Time running 1 hours 09 minutes

Windermere break
On Monday Mr Fudgey & I took the train to Windermere. We were having 2 nights away for our first wedding anniversary. We had a fantastic couple of days. we arrived at lunchtime on Monday & after dropping our bags at the hotel we wandered back to the village and had a look around and some lunch at Lazy Daisy's. Then we went back to the hotel before climbing up to Orrest Head "Orrest Head, above the town of Windermere is considered by many to be the best viewpoint over Lake Windermere. At 784 feet, some excellent views over the surrounding area can be had from its summit." It was well worth the climb. We spent ages at the top admiring the view, enjoying the tranquility - we could hear the sound of the birds wings as they flew overhead and taking photos before heading back down to the village. We went for a chinese meal - a real treat for us and then back to our hotel, where we cozied up on the sofa & watched Hot Fuzz.
On Tuesday morning after breakfast we walked to Bowness and took a boat trip to Ambleside. At Ambleside walked the mile into the town, where we looked at the shops including a running shop, had some lunch, got exciting news number 1 (coming to that later!) and then climbed up to the waterfalls, before heading back to the pier and enjoying an ice cream before the boat trip back to Bowness. We decided that we would go back to Lazy Daisy's Lakeland Kitchen for our wedding anniversary meal - the meal was first class and we'd both highly recommend the desserts :-) We loved our 1st wedding anniversary it was so chilled out & the weather was glorious & of course there was the exciting news...soon I promise!
On Wednesday morning we headed back home - we had a great time and would love to go back again and explore other parts of the lake district.

Exciting news #1
I'll end the suspense. Mr Fudgey & I have a new home. We accepted an offer on our flat just over a week ago and started looking for somewhere to buy. We saw our dream home and even though we were going away got in touch with our solicitor and asked him to put in an offer for us. We got the news on our Wedding anniversary that our offer had been accepted - it is the best present we could have received (an expensive one though LOL)so now we are counting the days till we move onto the next chapter. So so so excited :-)

Exciting news #2
I've signed up for a marathon next year! Yes I am off my head. Entries for The Edinburgh Marathon 2011 opened on Wednesday and I have entered.

Slimmer of the Year
I got the news this morning that I am not a finalist. I'd be lying if I told you I'm not gutted.
However finding our new dream home this week is by far the best thing that has happened and removes the sting. I also have the Kilomathon to focus on now in 4 weeks & the Marathon in 37 weeks. Both of those will keep me motivated and in shape and at my optimum weight.

And that my fudgey friends is my whirlwind week so far. I'm just getting organised for tomorrow's half marathon. It looks like it'll be a hot one, so have my sun cream & will be getting plenty of water on board today to make sure I am well hydrated.

Good luck to everyone else with events this weekend

Take Care


  1. Just found your blog, great news about the house! Are you running a half marathon tomorrow? Good luck!

  2. Hi Laura, yeah I'm just back from running the Glasgow half!
    Hope you enjoy my blog x