Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Feeling Strong

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Hump day already & getting dark here now by 8pm. In fact it was dark when our first alarm went off at 5.50am today - it's definitely autumn.

I also realised I forgot to post my stats for last week

Week 12
Distance: 35.2km / 21.87 miles
Time: 4 hours 07 minutes 21 seconds

After my long run on Sunday I felt surprisingly good on Monday - quads a little sore but in a good way. Monday was a late one at work but it was worth it to get stuff done. It did mean I never made it to the gym at lunch or to body pump after work, nor to Slimming class, though I checked in on the wii fit & had lost a pound. I'm still a little above my target but determined to regain control this week by going back to basics.When I got home we had the minted pea soup I'd made on Sunday - it was fab.

Tuesday was an up & down kind of day, by the end of it I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained. There's just a million and one things going on just now.

Tuesday's highlight was a tough PT session:
Amazing - but sweaty!
run 1 min, 12 burpees, run 1 min, 12 burpees, run 1 min 10 burpees, run 1 min, 10 burpees, run 1 min, 10 burpees. The running was @ 12kpm & I even managed to get up to 12.5kph for the last 30 seconds:-)
3 supersets 10 squats with bottom halfs & 16 overhead lunges - didn't want to know the weight!
3 supersets 12 compound crunches with 6kg medicine ball & 12 ab rolls
3 supersets 24 weighted plyometric lunges (12 each leg) - 5kg weights & 16 weighted side plank (8 each side) - 1kg

Unfortunately when I came home our upstairs neighbour decided he would play his music really loud and stomp about. The last time we tried to talk to him about this and ask him to turn it down he got very agitated and made out we were victimising him. So last night we just put on loud music too. Childish I know but we feel we can't go and speak to him. He's also woke us up the last 2 mornings around 5am crashing about.

Today I had to work from home for a bit in the morning as I had someone coming round first thing. I then had a rather quick and hectic afternoon at the office - though left feeling positive.

Yet again came home to the cacophony from above. Part of the problem is the guy wants to be a DJ and has big bass speakers on the floor to accompany his decks. The other problem is how he reacts when we try and go to civilly ask him to turn it down.
So here's today's dilemma people what do we do? We have long enough left here before we move that we can't just ignore it, plus it wouldn't be fair on the new owners.
He is a council tenant so we could complain to the council, but I think I should put a polite note through his door telling him that the volume has slowly been increasing over the last few days and could he bear in mind there are people underneath, but who knows what reaction that would provoke it could just get worse. Any suggestions people?

Oops this post has kind of gone a bit downbeat sorry everyone - I just needed to get that out, but hey the title of this post was Feeling Strong and I am Strong.
Today I've realised that I'm stronger than I think, I may cry at the drop of the hat but that's just me an emotional little fudgey. It's only because I care so deeply about things that I get so emotionally involved. I just wish I could express anger in a better way than crying and I wish I could deal with confrontation better - then I'd just go upstairs and face it out.

Back to the positives - I've stuck to my calorie allowance since Monday and haven't snacked the way I had been. I feel better already for tidying up my eating. I've also gone without fizzy juice for the last few days and I see a difference already - I don't drink a lot compared to some people maybe a can a day but I feel less bloated already. Only thing I need to do now is get the water intake back up.

I also approached my chosen charity for the Edinburgh Marathon next year and they were delighted to have me on board and have sent me a lovely running vest. I'm going to do a special post about the marathon challenge soon - so watch this space.

Well guys this post has rambled on long enough. I'm going to go make tomorrow's lunches & pack my gym bag :-)

Take Care Everyone


  1. Oh that's is so hard when you know you have to go and confront someone - I hate that! Good luck with the loud neighbor...

  2. That wourkout sounds amazingly hard! Running after burpees? You must have legs of steel haha!