Thursday, 30 September 2010

Quick Catch Up

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Can you believe tomorrow is Friday already? It's been such a quick but long week - if that makes sense. I've been at work till 7pm the last 3 nights - but I feel like I'm kind of making progress. I've promised myself I will leave at 5 tomorrow though :-)

First off - I've had another blog award:

The Happy 101 award!

There were a few guidelines;
1. Post who gave you the award:
Laura at Box Run Eat gave me the award. Thank-you! Fab blog. Go check it out :-)

2. Name ten things you like:

Mr Fudgey
Our Cats
Colin - my personal trainer
My fab friends
Circuits class
Strictly come dancing
Wonder Woman

3. Give this award to ten other people and notify them with a comment (in no particular order):
Marathon Maiden's Blog
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JAG's fitness blog
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Lovelie's mission for the perfect figure
Tara's health & fitness blog
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Now for a very quick update:
I ran on Monday & Tuesday - just short runs on the treadmill at lunchtime as that was all I could fit in.
On Tuesday I was raging as I had stayed home in the morning to wait for Bishopsmove to quote me for a removal & they didn't turn up. I waited till 9.10am - appointment was 8.30am.
Thankfully Colin managed to find a PT slot for me on Wednesday morning - it was weird getting up & leaving in the pitch black & it was pouring with rain - but I had a great session - just what the doctor ordered.
fast 1 min on treadmill (11.5kmph) with 12 weighted squat jumps & 45 second ski sit - repeat 5 times
3 x superset of 20 backward lunges from bench with 10kg dumbbells & maximal bench squat for 1 min with 25lb weight (managed 34, 39 & 41)
3 x tri set of 12 swissball obliques with 10kg weight, 12 russian twists with 6kg medicine ball & 30 second each side star side plank
finishing with 2 sets of 20 supermans on swissball & 12 back extensions with 6kg medicine ball

Then I bounced off to work where I had a great day - wonder if the project can afford to send me for PT everyday before work - they'd get the benefit as I was so up all day :-)

Then fantastic Mr Fudgey took me out for some food after work & bought me a Wonder Woman t-shirt. Thanks Hubbly :-)

Today I've rested up, had hoped to squeeze in a quick run if I'd finished work earlier but got caught up in stuff & was there till 7 again. Going to try for a morning gym (upper body) session tomorrow & then will be resting ahead of Sunday's Kilomathon.

Well folks it's 10.30 so gonna get my little fudgey butt off to bed.

Take Care everyone


  1. Thanks for the award, that's really sweet of you!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I'd love to try a personal trainer out, Mike is kind of like one though haha, he's a hard taskmaster!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Will try to post race report as soon as I can after Sunday's kilomathon