Sunday, 12 September 2010

Where did my week go?

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?
So sorry I haven't posted for a week I honestly don't know where this week went. I have got a lot done at work, but running / training has been lacking and I've not seen any of my TV programmes....though must confess to having a BBathon on Friday night. Also majorly excited that Strictly come Dancing is back, though 3 weeks till we see them dancing.

So just where did my week go?

My quads were pretty sore from GHM so it was quiet day at home for me, doing not a lot of anything really, but after 3 fairly hectic weeks I really needed that.

Back to work after just over a week off and it took me most of the day to catch up. In fact I'm probably still not 100% caught up with everything but have had a pretty productive though occasionally stressful week.
I did manage to get to the gym with Smurfy at lunchtime for a quick 30 minute recovery run. Given I was getting up & down and moving a little gingerly due to achy quads, running was going to be interesting, but it was actually great & I really got into & was running faster than I intended. It certainly loosened off the legs and followed by some quality stretches was just what I needed.

Was too busy at work to get to Circuits class at lunchtime, really must try & get back this week as it's my favourite class and I haven't been for a few weeks due to other commitments. I suspect though that with things being as busy as they are at work and all the house moving stuff etc. to sort out that I'm going to be out of my usual routine for a fair few weeks. Fantastic Mr Fudgey though is as supportive as ever and realises that my training and fitness are crucial to my sanity and resolving tensions and makes for a happier Mrs Fudgey at home, so I will fit in some working out here and there, somehow. I did manage to squeeze in a 40 minute run after work, which was OK, legs feeling strong and recovered after weekends half.

Was a manic day at work, but I had a real sense of achievement by the time I left. There was a social event after work though that I missed out on as I'd had enough of the place by that point! so decided not to come back for later.
I had a PT session as well which left me with broken (though not literally) legs and abs.
Quick treadmill warm up
3 sets x 45 reps leg press 45kg (15 reps, 15 sec hold, 15 reps, 15 sec hold, 15 reps)Jelly legs after this
3 supersets of weighted steps up with barbell 10 each leg followed with 20 plyometric lunges
3 sets x 36 reps leg press 20kg, 15kg, 17.5kg(12 reps, 15 sec hold, 12 reps, 15 sec hold, 12 reps)OMG this burned. Had to lower the weight for the second set but increased again slightly for 3rd.
Then onto abs. 3 supersets of 15 ab extensions with crunch and a 25lb plate followed by 20 oblique cycles.
Oh boy was I feeling it on Friday.

Slept in :-(
Got off to bad start at work, got called away to a meeting & left my Starbucks at my desk, which by the time I returned was cold & as I had not yet eaten anything I was ravenous. I'm a fairly regular eater & most days eat breakfast between 8.30 & 9.30 so to get to 10.45 and have eaten nothing made me a bit crotchety!
Plan had been to run in the morning but sleeping over put paid to that plan. Took my kit with me and thought i might run home from work. That plan also got torpedoed as I ended up at the office till about 6.10pm so just went for the bus.

After 3 busy weekends, this was a weekend to relax and catch up on some household chores. I went a little crazy and pulled out furniture, scrubbed skirting boards and floors and it took the entire day to do the lounge, bathroom & hall. Still great job done. I managed to rest for an hour whist watching Strictly and then made chicken stirfry for dinner.
I also managed to get some stuff packed, a couple of bags of rubbish thrown out and a charity bag started - so a very productive day, but I was shattered.

Today - Sunday
3 hour run planned this morning, but I wanted to be up & out by 9am at the latest. A very poor night's sleep scuppered that & I didn't get up till 9.30am. I thought I would just head out about 10.30 for a quick hours running but my throat was sore again, I was sniffly and I just felt pants. Decided to take a rain check & see how I felt later.
Me being me couldn't be at peace though & went out and started breaking up branches & putting them in the garden recycling.
I then sat & chatted to Mr Fudgey as he tackled the mammoth mountain of ironing, about 2 & a 1/2 weeks worth.
We decided to go and pick up some groceries at Asda & had a pleasant surprise when KMac and Rob pulled up at the bus stop and offered us a lift. Thank so much guys x
This time next week Kmac will be trekking up Kilimanjaro - it seems like so long ago it was just an idea and now it's nearly time. GOOD LUCK X
If anyone would like to sponsor the team you can find their justgiving page here.

Today is also our lovely sister in law's Birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs Muppet. Have a fudgey day xxx

and that my friends has been my week, I wish I could say that I think this week will be less hectic, but somehow I don't think it will, loads to do re move, a lot on a work including a full day course and will need to try and get at least a couple of decent runs in.

I've just realised I've posted no stats from the last couple of weeks either - so here you go:

Stats for Week 10
Distance run this week 26.57km / 16.51 miles
Time running 2 hours 48 minutes 06 seconds

Stats for Week 11
Distance run this week 9.67km / 6.01 miles
Time running 1 hours 11 minutes

Please bear with me for the next few weeks guys, I'll try & post more often, but there's just so much going on....can't wait to move though :-)

love to all

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