Sunday, 26 September 2010

1 week to go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are we all? Good weekend?
It's just a week till the first ever Scottish Kilomathon and I think I can go the distance, I did it in training last weekend & I'm getting back to being in good physical health after a few minor illnesses in recent weeks.

Doing my Own thing
My training plan has been largely abandoned for the last few weeks, due to illness, time, and general stress - there is just so much going on right now. Training hasn't been abandoned though - I've just been doing my own thing as & when I can.
On Wednesday & Thursday I never worked out at all - this is most unusual for me to go two days in a row with no workout at all, but I've had loads on at work so lunchtime has been out and working on later so no time in the evening either - still sometimes rest is good and I know that come the kilomathon I'll get the benefit of the enforced rest.
Friday however I realised I'd need to get some mileage in the legs this week so popped to the gym at lunchtime for a very quick run 4.28km & then back after work for another 4.73km. I figured if I didn't have the time to commit to a full hour I could break it in 2 and still get the benefits and therefore not be stressing about another missed training session.

Many Years Married
After work on Friday Mr Fudgey & I headed out to see Mum & Dad Smith as it was their wedding anniversary. We had a fabulous lamb dinner and a really nice evening - perfect end to a busy working week. Happy Anniversary again x

Weekend Running
Yesterday I packed up another bag & did some more clearing out ahead of our move. I have another bag for the charity shop too. Other than that I generally pottered about and did a little shopping. In the afternoon I decided I could fit in a short run - so got kitted up and headed out. It's been a lovely dry but bright and cold weekend here and it was good to be out and running - though I think the winter kit needs to start making an appearance and it is definitely getting cooler. I ran a nice steady 6k - pace is missing at the moment however legs are very strong. On the way back I popped into the shop to buy some isotonic drinks and managed to also get some boxes for packing....however somebody had other ideas!

Today I never got up till 10.30 and could have slept longer - I'm not sleeping well at the moment with everything that's going round in my busy little brain - so when I can sleep I am as it's so important. I decided I'd just go out for an hour today and that was what was on the largely abandoned running plan anyway - not too much & not too little ahead of next weeks big run. At first my hands were freezing, gloves will soon need to make a comeback - it is fast approaching winter here. Today I tried to shorten my headphone cable by using the cable tidy Mr Fudgey bought me., unfortunately I got home to find out it had fallen off whilst running. Mr Fudgey said not to worry it was £2 from Marks & Spencer - however when we went to get the bus into town later there it was lying in the gutter just round the corner :-) so I have it back. The first 3km of the run were tough going I just couldn't settle into it - again brain way too busy. Just as I was running up Dean Bridge I saw Neil Martin from work walking home with his papers - I waved and speeded up a little - I'm always motivated when I see people I know :-) Then something happened at the 5k mark, the running brain took over & the running just became so easy - I felt like I was flying. I ran a cracking negative split first 5k 35 mins 6 secs second 5k 31 mins 15 secs & legs felt strong strong strong. I also passed someone else I know - Stefania Abate at Inverleith row & waved to her too - by this time I was totally in the zone - otherwise would have stopped to say hi properly.
I got home and had a quick 10 minute ice bath - I didn't feel I needed it today but since I'd made the ice anyway I thought I may as well.
Later when Mr Fudgey & I went into town I got a new ipod strap - so now can't wait to try it out. Quick run tomorrow I hope.

So Stats for this week - week 13:
Distance: 26.11 km (16.22 miles)
Time: 2 hours 50 minutes 35 seconds

Special Mention To Karen - who put in a great performance at today's R2TB half marathon - Well Done.

Also hello to all my new running buddies at DailyMile I loving following everyone's training and being able to give & receive hints, tips & motivation.

That's all from me for now - I've been multi tasking while writing this post & am making pork loin, roasted veg & parmentier potatoes for dinner. I am so excited to see that Brussels sprouts are coming back into season :-)

Have a great week everyone.

Take Care
Fudgey xxxx


  1. Isn't it fun to see people you know while out for a run? I love that! Good luck for the big day next week - sounds like you'll be fine!

  2. Good luck for the Kilomathon. I won't be doing it now because of my foot injury, but I'll be supporting hopefully, between 12 and 13 miles. Will try to give you a wave!