Saturday, 18 September 2010

I'm Still Here

Hello Fudgey Friends,

A special hello to my new followers :-)
How is everyone?
I'm sorry my posting the last few weeks has been a bit sparse, I seem to be in perpetual motion in one way or another all the time. Work continues to be a huge challenge and is keeping my brain busier than ever. I'm actually now even dreaming about work, at least when I do get to sleep. My sleep pattern has been about as good as my recent blog posts. On top of this I'm trying to make sure I keep the training up, dealing with the house move and of course trying to spend time with my amazing hubby. He is so patient & supportive.
I've realised as well that my eating has not been good either, not enough fruit or drinking enough water - so I'm really going to make a conscious effort to regain control in the next 2 weeks leading up to the Kilomathon.

So a quick update on my week:

Managed to fit in a quick 20 minute lunchtime run and then Body Pump after work. Then off to Fat Club - I hadn't been in 3 weeks, partly due to being away, the half marathon and still being a little down at not making the Slimmer of the Year final. Wasn't too pleased to find I'd gained 2.5 pounds, but I know my food has not been so good recently and there was probably a bit of fluid retention. I'm going to go back to writing down everything I eat this week and after the kilomathon is out of the way I'm going to drop the long distance running down a touch till the end of the year & really focus again on fat burning and toning.

I had an all day course at work - Advanced Thinking and Learning. It was very good and I got a lot out of it, once I stopped stressing about what a day away from my desk meant for the rest of the week & how much I'd have to catch up on. I was less pleased to find my lunch hour sabotaged by a barrage of questions as I returned to my desk so it was very much a working lunch - lesson learnt here! Still nice to be needed and wanted. When the course finished I headed straight for the gym as I knew if I went back to my desk it would end up being a late one. In the gym I decided I'd do some of my gym programme & some of my own thing.
Quick warm up on cross trainer
3 supersets of 15 swiss ball chest press with 15kg bar & 12 swiss ball press ups
3 supersets of 15 lat pull downs 30kg & 12 upright rows with 12.5kg bar
I then ran a km in 5 mins 46
Then 3 sets of 15 squats with 20kg bar - heaviest I've ever done on my own :-)
finishing up with 3 tri sets of 15 ab extensions with 10kg medicine ball, 15 reverse curls & 10 medicine ball crunches.
Best solo gym session I've had in ages and I was hyper. I love it when you have those kind of workouts.

My abs were feeling the effects of Tuesday's session but that didn't stop me heading off to circuits with Smurfie. Circuits is by far my favourite class ever. I love it.
The class was taken by the lovely Gary this week though he is now known as lovely but evil Gary! It worked out quite nicely this week as there were 12 of us at the class and 12 stations. First round 1 minute per station, second round 45 seconds per station & the stations were: squats, ski sit, swiss ball chest press, tricep dips, supermarket sweep, v sit twists, bent over row, bicep curls, v sit shakes, weighted sprints, bag drag & plyometric jump. I really pushed it hard and had jelly legs down the stairs afterwards though.
It really set me up for a productive afternoon at the office and I stayed on till 7pm but I really enjoyed it and finally felt I'd achieved something.
I got home to find that fantastic Mr Fudgey had brought me flowers & a pink earphone cable tidy. Thank you hubbly x

Personal training day Woo Hoo. I knew it would be interesting as my abs were protesting at the torture I put them through so far this week. With every session my theory that Colin is trying to kill me grows stronger.....he hasn't succeeded yet....but he could be close.
After a warm up on the cross trainer it was up to the studio for a lovely giant set - well 4 lovely giant sets with limited rest in between. The giant set was ski sit, 15 squats with 30kg bar, 20 jump kicks & 12 squat jumps with weights. Then we went back down into the gym for an abs tri set well 3 trisets of 16 oblique circles with 5kg medicine ball, 20 oblique circles, & side plank. Then 3 sets of 20 power lunges with 15kg bar and then to finish off run for 1 minute fast with burpees 5 times so run, 12 burpees, run, 12 burpees, run, 10 burpees, run, 10 burpees, run, 8 burpees. I don't know how I managed - I don't think I could have done anymore though if I tried. It certainly made sure I got a good sleep though.

I decided that I'd run home from work - it's only about 5k & the running was not so bad, but my headphones kept getting tangled in my running pouch & then round my neck nearly strangling me. This is because the cable is quite long & normally I thread it through the sleeve of my top, but I had a long sleeved top as the weather is turning cooler now. Still I got home in one piece & only a few minutes behind Mr Fudgey who had got the bus.

I was so looking forward to a lie in and no alarm this morning so wasn't too chuffed when I woke up at 2 & was awake till around 6ish. I did however mange to get off to sleep and never woke till 10ish - how very decadent. Mr Fudgey and I had an appointment in town at lunchtime so headed in for that & then we went off to Run for It as I had been nominated for a personal achievement award at work a few months ago due to my running & fund raising & had chosen run for it vouchers as my reward. There really wasn't anything I particularly needed I'm quite well kitted out at the moment, but I'd been reading about compression clothing and had seen a pair of 2XU Recovery Compression socks, I probably wouldn't spend £25 on a pair of socks but have heard good things about compression clothing & 2XU in particular so with my £20 of vouchers I thought why not - so I now own a pair - will let you know my opinion once I try them out. I also got some gels, some sports beans to try & some energy drink tablets to try too. I was very happy with my purchases :-)
Mr Fudgey suggested going for a coffee and I suggested the place we got married as we haven't been there for ages and had planned to go back round about our first anniversary, so we headed off to Dunstane House hotel , and had a fantastic lunch. For the rest of today we've just pottered about but it's been really relaxing.

1000km in 2010
Only 120.94 km to go. Yes 879.06km done and still plenty of time till the end of 2010. Tomorrows run should be around 25km or more so it's all looking good.

Next Challenges
My friend Patricia has been pondering the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest event in Edinburgh mid October and having been and visited the site I am very tempted to sign up. I've just watched the video clip from 2009 and it looks a big outdoor circuit class. What better way to finish off this years Fudgey events? What do you think Fudgey followers? I'm trying to bear in mind it's only 2 weeks after the kilomathon & 2 weeks before we move home....but I am thinking about it very any words of wisdom and advice graciously accepted.

And that my fudgey friends is us all up to date again.
I'll let you know how tomorrow's long run goes.

Take Care everyone

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