Friday, 13 August 2010

Running Out of Time

Hello Fudgey Friends,

So sorry I haven't posted all week - time just seems to have run away from me.

I am alive & well....just busy busy. And still a million & one things to do so a quick update.

Week 7 Run 1
Legs were a little heavy after Sunday's long run, but I managed a 25 minute recovery run & felt loads better after it. I also went to Body Pump in the evening & managed to increase my weights a little so was pleased with that.

Rest Day
On Tuesday I took a well earned rest day and managed to get some little chores done at lunchtime.

Week 7 Run 2
Wednesday saw me at circuits class at lunchtime - it was great fun & the class was mobbed - 16 folk....usually only about 6.
After work I ran for an hour. there is no great finesse or pace to it just now just plodding along but it feel pretty good.

Personal training
Thursday I was off work & had lots to do. I was out & about most of the day. I also had a PT session
quick warm up on cross trainer
3 x superset of slow lunges (20) & leg extensions (15)
3 x superset of squats (15) & burpees (12)
3 x superset of overhead lunges (12) & ski sit (1 min)
medicine ball obliques - 3 sets of 15
swiss ball obliques - 3 sets of 20

I was exhausted in the evening

Week 7 Run 3
For some strange reason I was up at 4.30am today, even though I had a day off again. I got the bus into town with hubby & managed to fit in an hours running before my appointment at 10am. I then did some shopping, went & picked up something I'd ordered & came home, nipped to the post office and the shop and then it was time to head back into town for my beauty treatments. I can highly recommend the Lime & Ginger salt scrub - amazing :-)
Then I dashed off to Argos to pick up a new cat scratching post before getting home at 5. Just waiting for hubby to arrive home now.

Sorry folks, very rushed, I'll be back soon with a better post I hope

Fudgey xx

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