Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Getting with the programme

Hey Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone today?
Don't faint but I was actually up and at the gym for 7am this morning! After weeks of not making any morning sessions I finally made it.....however there was incentive / motivation / enthusiasm.....I had booked an early morning PT session.
Unfortunately it didn't work out as planned as Colin had to cancel our session at the last minute but with the instruction that since I'd most likely be en route to gym I should do my programme.

Since I was in my gym kit & just round the corner I headed down to the gym & did my programme as instructed. Yes actually do as I'm told for once.

I jumped on the cross trainer for a quick warm up then
3 x superset of 15 swiss ball 15kg barbell chest press & 12 swiss ball press ups
Next was cable pulldowns & upright row but the cables were in use & the 12.5kg barbell nowhere in site - but undeterred I improvised
3 x superset 15 lat pull downs 30kg & 12 upright rows with 10kg barbell
3 x superset 12 french press with 10kg barbell & 12 seated bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 x 15 compound crunches
3 x 20 crunch lift & extend

lots of stretching & job done. Good workout but not as much fun / torture (delete as applicable) as a PT session.

I'm actually taking a 3 day break from running this week, this is because I'm still a bit sore from the wheelbarrow falling on my shin & also because apparently every 5th / 6th week - you should cut back & have a recovery week. So no running Mon, Tues or Wed & just short runs Thurs & Friday, but Sunday will be a long one - but no long run the following week.

Yesterday I joined Smurfy & KMac for Spin class at lunchtime & then I went to body pump after work, before heading to my Scottish Slimmers Class. Still maintaining my target weight:-)

Yesterday was also my Gran's birthday. Happy Birthday Gran - hope you had a lovely day xx

Also wonderful news for my friend Eileen as her Son & his wife in Oz had a little baby boy. Congratulations again x

Well that's all for now folks as my training plan only goes up to the end of next week so I want to get it filled out right up to the Kilomathon if possible.

lots of love

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