Sunday, 8 August 2010

4 & 8 weeks to go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Good week?
I can't believe it's 4 weeks till the Glasgow half marathon & 8 weeks till the first ever Scottish Kilomathon and with quite a few things going on over the next couple of weeks that time will just race in...but I actually think I might be ready for the GHM at least.

My 2nd ever half marathon. Week 6 Run 3
The furthest I have ever run was the Edinburgh half marathon on 23rd May this year, my longest run since has been 19.50km (12.12 miles), so I was a little shocked to accidentally run a half marathon today. I never got up till 9 today & wasn't fancying running, but I knew I had to get up & out & sooner rather than later so as to not eat into too much of the day. Today's run set a new long distance for me 21.43km (13.32 miles), it wasn't particularly fast 2 hours 22 minutes, but it just proves to me that I shouldn't fear the distance... just need to build on this for the kilomathon (26.2km)

Week 6 Run 1
As I mentioned in Tuesday's post I was having a wee break from running so the first run this week didn't happen until Thursday. It was just a short 26 minute run consisting of 10 minutes easy, followed by 4 intervals of 30 seconds fast & 60 seconds slow & finishing with 10 minutes easy.

Week 6 Run 2 & gym programme
Squeezed in the 30 minute steady run at lunchtime and I have to admit that I think the 3 non running days at the start of the week really helped & when I got up Friday morning I felt so rested. I decided I'd head back to the gym after work to do my programme again - yes twice in one week - that's not happened in a long time but it's because I usually have 4 runs, PT & at least 1 class as well as my programme - so since I'd had no PT this week I thought why not do my programme again:

I jumped on the vario for a quick warm up then
3 x superset of 15 swiss ball 15kg barbell chest press & 12 swiss ball press ups
Next was cable pulldowns & upright row but the cables were in use but I improvised again
3 x superset 15 lat pull downs 30kg & 12 upright rows with 12.5kg barbell
added in 3 sets of 15 squats with 17.5kg bar - I normally only use 15kg on my own as though I can manage heavy it's the getting the bar up & onto the back of my shoulders - but I managed the 17.5kg & I reckon I could maybe go 20kg.
3 x superset 12 french press with 10kg barbell & 12 seated bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 x 15 compound crunches
3 x 20 crunch lift & extend
3 x 10 swissball oblique twists with 8kg dumbbell

Anniversary gift & yummy food
Our 1st wedding anniversary is still a few weeks away but amazing Mr Fudgey bought me an ipod nano with sports band for my running & working out so I can make play lists etc & do so much more than I can with my wee shuffle..which going off on a tangent he also bought me a few years ago for valentines day when I started going to the gym regularly. Anyway the new nano had arrived & Mum & Dad Smith kindly brought it down (Thank you) & Mr Fudgey spent ages getting it all set up with all my tunes & album artwork etc. so that I could use it on my long run today. He is the best hubby ever & I love him to bits. Thanks Babe.
Mr Fudgey won't be getting his gift till nearer our anniversary though!
As a treat and since Mum & Dad Smith were popping in I made mini banoffee muffins. Just a mix from Asda - all you needed to do was add water & only 46 calories per wee muffin. They were very sweet but tasty & didn't last beyond bedtime.
For dinner Mr Fudgey was having barbecue ribs - which I'm not a massive fan off & I had a notion for veggies - I love every vegetable I think. I made a vegetable shepherds pie - it contained onion, garlic, mushrooms, leeks, cherry tomatoes, some vegetable stock and a couple of tablespoons of half fat creme fraiche & was then topped with mashed swede....or as Sweden as I had called it earlier in the day LOL yes I am a muppet. It was lush & Mr Fudgey tried some & really liked it too - so I'll be making that again.

Sunny Sunday
It's been a gorgeous sunny day here & dare I say quiet - hope it remains that way.
After my long run, I had my ice bath & the only issue today was the getting in & out - I was a little stiff - but the ice never bothered me. Mr Fudgey supportive as ever, made me a cup of tea & chatted to me which was really good. Once I was cleaned up I called my folks and had a lovely chat to them - can't wait to see them soon though. Then I thought I had earned a bacon roll so Mr Fudgey & I had tea & bacon rolls before heading off to do our shopping. We didn't need a lot so it was just a quick trip. It nearly killed me to run for the bus though - so I'll be interested to see how the legs are feeling tomorrow - but I suspect after a good night's sleep I'll be fine. Touch wood I am feeling really strong & I've not been wearing knee supports at all so far in my training this time round - so I just need to stay fit & injury free.

And that my fudgey friends I think is all from me - except for this weeks stats:

Stats for Week 6
Distance run this week 29.24km / 18.17 miles
Time running 3 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds

Have a lovely Sunday evening

lots of love

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  1. wow - I am impressed with the idea of accidentally running a half marathon! You will certainly be ready for the big event in four weeks!