Sunday, 1 August 2010

Digging Deep

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Good weekend?
We've had a lovely but pretty non stop weekend, after a pretty busy week, I think this is why I had to really dig deep to find 10 miles in my wee legs today.

Friday Socialising & Week 5 Run 3
On Friday lunchtime I was out for lunch with the project team from work to celebrate our official approval & contract signing. We went to Cafe Andaluz in George street, I'd never been before but knew plenty of people who love it and I wasn't disappointed it was fab. They do 3 tapas dishes for £9.95 at lunchtime and the food was fantastic.
After work I dived into the gym for a quick 30 minute run - it should have been 55 but I ended up a little later at work than planned and had to meet people for another social engagement....yes 2 in one day. The run was nothing particularly special just a case of getting some running in & ticked off the plan. I then headed along to Ghillie Dhu, to help Patricia celebrate her birthday. I loved the atmosphere of the place & it was great company & good food - so I'll definitely be heading back at some point. If you're wondering I am still on the training wagon so no alcohol for me. I headed home pretty early and had a lovely visit from Mum & Dad Smith - who were delivering some goodies, including shoes for Mr Fudgey & a top for me.

Busy Saturday
We were up & out early to pop into town to pick up a few things, then I was dashing to the post office before we headed off to help KMac move the last of her belongings into her new abode. It really didn't take long as there was KMac & Rob, Smurfy & Lorna & Mr & Mrs Fudgey. Lorna had also made some yummy cakes so after we'd moved everything in we were able to have tea & cake :-)
Mr Fudgey & I then headed off to the shops & it was around 4pm by the time we got home. I was catching up on Hollyoaks but dozed off for about an hour on the sofa - guess I needed it. Later on I made fajitas for tea and they were pretty tasty, then Mr Fudgey & I watched Clash of the Titans, it was OK, a pretty decent Saturday night don't need to think too much kind of movie & of course the lovely Sam Worthington....KMac you can keep your calendar I'll have Sam!

Another Day Out & Week 5 Run 4
To say I leapt out of bed would be an out & out lie, I dragged myself up & got myself ready for a run. I really wasn't in the mood, not helped by the fact I realised that my ipod was still in my locker at the gym as I'd left my kit there on Friday. Plan was to end my run at the gym and collect my kit. I had a quick cup of tea & a cereal bar & headed out. The first 4km (about 2.5 miles) were awful - slowest pace ever and I just wanted to quit, but I kept going but ran a circular loop near home so that if I really needed to stop I wouldn't be too far from home. 3rd & 4th lap I found a little more pace & the legs felt stronger & then I headed up towards town & the gym, tackling Dundas Street after 13km & an MIA mojo was maybe not one of my brighter ideas. I hung on in to make it up to 16.01km (approx 10 miles) and nipped into the gym to get my kit before getting the bus home. I really had to dig deep to find those 10 miles today, but if I can do that on my own I know in 5 weeks the Glasgow half will be a breeze....I don't see it as bad run, just not a good one.
I missed out on an ice bath today too as I never made up ice so I had a quick shower instead, really feeling the lack of ice now as my knees, shin & hip are not entirely pleased with me - so tomorrow I'm going to lay of the running & will spin & body pump instead.
Mum & Dad Smith then came & picked us up & took us off to Mellerstain House, we had a lovely time wandering around there & then had coffee in the cafe. Unfortunately the rain then started so we didn't manage to walk round the grounds which is a shame as the gardens from the house looked exquisite. We headed back to Edinburgh and had dinner at Buffalo Grill, we've been here many times and they never fail to please. The food is fantastic & reasonably priced too. Thanks Mum & Dad for a lovely day away from the flat & for dinner - we really enjoyed being out and about. Thank you x

and that my Fudgey friends I think is it for this week....apart from the stats for this week:

Stats for Week 5
Distance run this week 33.4km / 20.75 miles
Time running 3 hours 43 minutes 11 seconds

Take Care everyone

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  1. I know what you mean, sometimes you just have those runs that are nothing great, just getting the miles in.