Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Benbecula Weekend

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?
Lack of blogging over the weekend was because Mr Fudgey & I were away to Benbecula for our wee niece Margaret's christening. this is also why I was so uber busy rushing around at the end of last week & it doesn't seem to have halted yet either.

Another Early Start
Saturday morning we were up at 5.20am to head through to our Glasgow. First Thank you to Mum & Dad Smith for taking us through. At the airport we met my Gran as she was going on the same flight. We were met at Benbecula by my Mum & Dad, My Sister Amy & our nieces Rose & Margaret. Mr Fudgey & I could not check into our B & B till 4pm so we all went to Mum & Dad's house - were I quickly emptied 2/3rds of my bag which was goodies I'd brought up for everyone. Mr Fudgey & I went to the shops with Amy & the girls and we popped into MacGillivray's shop, were we got some gifts to bring back to Edinburgh. After lunch with Mum & Dad, Mum took Mr Fudgey, Gran & me to Hebridean jewellers. No purchases on this visit for me, but Gran got what she was looking for. On the way back we called in on Amy & family and got to play some more with the girls. So Thank you to Mum & Amy for chauffeuring us about. It was then time for Mr Fudgey & I to check into our B & B, Ceann na Pairc. Mr Fudgey & I would recommend a stay here with no hesitation what so ever. It was fantastically laid out, the owner was very welcoming, the room, bathroom & guest lounge were immaculate and cosy & the breakfast was amazing.
After a short nap, Mr Fudgey & I walked back to Balivanich for dinner at Mum & Dad's. Thank you to Dad for a lovely roast beef dinner. Whilst we were there Aunt Liz & Uncle Kenny also arrived so it was good to get a wee chat with them too. Mum took Mr Fudgey & I back to our B&B about 9pm as we were exhausted....no wonder....it was along day.

Week 7 Run 4
I was up & out by 7am to fit in my regular Sunday long run. I was really excited to run round Benbecula and Dad had suggested a route for me from Nunton to and through Griminish & back through Aird. Mum had driven it in the car and said it was exactly 8 miles - further than I had planned running this weekend as I was going to rest!
I loved running here. In an hour and 20 minutes I was only passed by 5 cars. there are no traffic lights and no pedestrians. I didn't wear my ipod as I needed to have my wits about me on the single track roads - but i loved every minute of my run - but whoever said Benbecula is flat should try running it - the Aird road in particular was winding & undulating. Here's a couple of pics of the scenery - not taken while I was running though.

The Christening
Mum & Dad picked Mr Fudgey & I up for church. Mr Fudgey and I were the god parents. It was great to see so many familiar faces at the church. Margaret was fantastic and was totally unfazed by the goings on - in fact afterwards she fell asleep. After the church service we all went back to Amy & Jimmy's house & they had done a lovely buffet. Mr Fudgey & I spent most of the time running round with the children - we had a great time. As the sun was starting to come out we headed back to the B&B and got changed out of Sunday best so that I could show Mr Fudgey Culla Bay - one of my favourite places.

Culla Bay

Sunday evening
We were again at Mum & Dad's for dinner and we were treated to a delicious duck stir fry which included some of Dad's home grown veg. Thank you for another lovely meal.

Week 8 Run 1
Out again for 7am for a fast 5k run.

After we checked out of our B&B we went to Mum & Dad's and Mum took us to the shop and to the bakery to buy goodies to bring home with us. We then went to visit Amy, Jimmy & the girls and had tea & christening cake - which Rose particularly enjoyed as did Margaret when Rose wasn't looking!
We had lunch with Mum & Dad and too soon it was time to go to the airport.
We had a lovely trip and are very very grateful to Mum & Dad for the taxi service and the fabulous meals. Thank you x
It was too short a trip but great to see everyone.

Mum & Dad Smith collected us at Glasgow and brought us home. Much as I loved our weekend I did miss my own bed & our furry dudes.
Thanks to Mum & Dad Smith for watching the flat & the fellas. for the soup, the banana bread & everything else you did for us. Thank you x

and that my Fudgey friends was our weekend. I was up again this morning for PT but I'll post about that tomorrow as I need to go and get my stuff ready for my jolly to Glasgow tomorrow.

Last but not least last weeks stats:

Stats for Week 7
Distance run this week 35.01km / 21.75 miles
Time running 3 hours 55 minutes 2 seconds

Take care everyone
lots of love

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