Tuesday, 9 February 2010

On the Mend

Hello Fudgey Friends

I'm pleased to report that my IT Band is feeling great & I had a fabby training session this morning. I really think I'm on the mend but will continue to take things slowly to get back to full strength.

Tuesday Session
2.5km hill run on treadmill gradient 5 = 17 mins 10 secs
I need to start getting in some hill training as parts of the Edinburgh courses are hilly. It was the uphill bit of The Great Winter Run I found hardest.

Then up to the studio for special circuits just for me.

Drag the punch bag from one end of the studio to the other
Do 10 burpees
Drag punch bag back to other end of studio
2 squat thrusts & a press up x 6 - this hurt my leg so after the first set this was changed to dynamic lunges 10 each leg

I was so worn out I don't know how many times I did this circuit!

Then shuttle runs. weight plates laid out on floor & I ran up 2 & back 1, up 2 back 1, all the way to the other end of the studio
Followed by 20 mountain climbers
same shuttle run back to other end of studio
then 30 secs of pulse crunches

I think I did the second mini circuit 4 or 5 times so I must have done the same for the first but I was exhausted so I kind of lost track it all blurred into one big sweaty mess!

Then back down to the gym for some calve raises

and then hitting the showers - thankfully hot water had been restored and then I headed into work. Yes all this before work.

It was only when I got to work that I discovered....

My Random Bruise
I didn't have this bruise before I went to the gym so I am guessing this is where I got it. I went to see KMac & when filling her in on above session I realised it may be from the metal rings on the punch bag as that is how I gripped it to drag it. It still seems a really odd place to get a bruise though. I'd understand if it was across my hand, but it's up & down. Most odd! Another of lives little mysteries!

Oatcake Update

I've had 4 willing oatcake tasters at the office. Exhibit A got 3 votes though with a caveat from 1 taster of 'with less salt' Exhibit B got 1 vote. So this evening I made another batch of oatcakes. I had been at Real Foods at lunchtime and bought some pinhead oatmeal so thought I'd try it out. This time I followed no recipe they are very much 'Fudgey does what she likes' oatcakes. Mr Fudgey thought they were a bit bland but I really like these ones. I'll let you know how what the tasters say.

I'm off now to get into my pyjamas and have a cup of tea....life in the fast lane :-D

lots of love


  1. Ouchie! That bruise looks sore. Definitely going to give the oatcakes a try. Never been to the real foods site before, another health food site for me to blow a fortune on :)

  2. Yep I should not be let loose in real foods alone! I bought cherries, cacao nibs, ginger nakd bars though looking at the ingredients I'm gonna make my own - just a variation on fudgey babies really :-)also bought soya desserts and pinhead oatmeal.

    These oatcakes have been deemed the best so far
    basically made with pinhead oatmeal, medium oats, a pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp bicarb of soda, tbsp of corn oil & hot water. I just kept adding oats & water till I got the right consistency & baked at gas 6 for 10mins.