Sunday, 21 February 2010

Exciting Times in Fudgey Land

Hello Fudgey Friends,

A quick update on the rest of the week's training before I fill you in on the exciting times in Fudgey Land.

Thursday: I joined my lovely friend Mandy for a spin class at lunchtime. I love spin but have been concentrating so much on my running of late that I've not been to many classes at all. My fantastic personal trainer Colin took the class on Thursday lunchtime. It was a brilliant 30 minute workout & the legs certainly were feeling it on Friday.

Friday: 5km Run 28 minutes 57 seconds. This run was really tough going but I stuck with it & am still consistently sub 30 minutes so looking pretty good for the meadows 5k in a couple of weeks.

The ITB is feeling brand new :-)
though I have been very careful and not run more than 7km yet but think this week coming I will be back to normal.

Saturday - had a lovely trip to North Berwick with Mum & Dad in Law & hubby. Thanks all for a lovely day out x

Decided to take a rest day today instead of my usual long run.

Total distance run this week 18km
Total running time 1 hours 32 mins 12 secs

Exciting Times in Fudgey Land
Those who know me will tell you I've haven't always been a lean mean Fudgey running machine - back in 2007 I weighed 6 stone more than I do now and I've been on a journey of weightloss since June 2007 till I reached my target weight September 2009.
It's not always been easy but I've had loads of encouragement and support from everyone around me, especially the amazing Mr Fudgey.
Anyway I was absolutely ecstatic when Scottish Slimmers emailed me to invite me to a photo shoot. So tomorrow I will be getting my hair & my make up done, styled & photographed.
I've also been approached by a freelance journalist who is keen on doing an article about me and my journey from Fudgey Big to Fudgey Small.
I'm not just pleased at the recognition for myself but also for everyone who has supported me and hopefully I will be able to inspire others too.
I also want to say a HUGE public Thank you to my boss Neil for allowing me the time off tomorrow - the 2 of us are in for a busy week with the rest of the team being on holiday. Thanks Neil - you're the best ever x

So for those who don't know me so well or didn't know me 3 years ago.
I've transformed from this:

to this:

I am really looking forward to my photo shoot. I'll update you all next week on how it goes, and of course on the running training.

Hope you have all had a great weekend.

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  1. That's great news - congratulations on the photo shoot! You've done really well over the past few years - I hope you enjoy yourself :)