Thursday, 11 February 2010

100 Days to go / My Amazing Charity

Hello Fudgey Followers,

So the countdown tells me it's 100 days till the Edinburgh Half Marathon on 23rd May. I'm kind of excited & kind of nervous but I know I can do this and as with everything I do I'll give it my best.

Of course it's an enormous motivator that I'm running for charity not just for myself.

So let me introduce you to my amazing charity.

is an Edinburgh based charity that helps children and adolescents suffering from cancer and leukaemia & provides advice & support for parents

My first involvement with CCLASP was when one of my fabulous friends Eileen Norman was seeking volunteers to help with the annual CCLASP Christmas party, which is held at my office. Anyone else who works at Standard Life Investments, who has been involved in this day will back me up and tell you how much fun it is, even though it's hard work and can be emotional - it is one of the best ways to spend a day. So I signed up to help out with the party, at the time I also had a part time weekend job so I couldn't stay for the actual party the first year, but I helped out making sandwiches, getting all the gifts ready for Santa, filling helium balloons and getting everything ready.
Then in 2008 Standard life Investments celebrated their 10th Anniversary as part of our anniversary year we pledged to raise loads of money for CCLASP. Mr Fudgey & I took part in The Great Scottish Walk , a 12 mile walk round Edinburgh, this event was also sponsored by Scottish Slimmers, another very very very important part of my life - they helped me lose 6 stone ;~) but I shall save that story for another day. Mr Fudgey & I raised £500. I should also tell you Mr Fudgey did this the day before he started his new job - I hate to imagine what his new colleagues thought when he walked tentatively in the next day!
Standard Life Investments hosted a fabulous Christmas party in 2008 and this time I was able to stay the whole day. The great thing about CCLASP is that it's like a family and the whole family come to the party, every child gets a gift from Santa, not just the children who are ill. All the children are treated the same. All the families recognise each other or know each other from shared hospital time and other CCLASP events and it truly is an amazing support group. The parents can sit back & enjoy a coffee while the children run around, chase the lovely volunteers who have dressed up as TellyTubbies or characters from Monsters Inc, play party games or sit quietly & colour in. Of Course the highlight of the day is Santa's visit. Every child goes home laden down with goodies.

The Christmas Party is just one of the many many fun events that CCLASP organise. They also provide transport to and from hospital appointments, running a drop in centre, run a telephone helpline, arrange holidays, fundraisers, newsletters and the weekly clown entertainment on a Wednesday (theatre day) for those in hospital. These few things are just the tip of iceberg, Check out the website to find out more for yourself.

So this year I'm going to try & raise £1000 for my chosen charity. the main event being The Edinburgh Half Marathon. However I have now pledged to run a 1000km for £1000.

The Great Winter Run - completed
Meadows 5km March
The Great Ireland Run April
The Great Edinburgh Run May
Edinburgh Half Marathon May

to everyone who has sponsored me already - I really appreciate it so much & I know CCLASP will too.

Please please please sponsor me. Every little donation will help so much.
Your sponsorship will keep me motivated to keep training & keep blogging & will be thankfully received by CCLASP.

Please vist my just giving site, or come & see me if you prefer the old fashioned form method.

In true fudgey tradition there will be home baking to Thank you!

and you can check back to my blog regularly to see my trainign progress, classic Mrs Smith 'thoughts' and just my general all round fudgeyness

and if you don't sponsor me I can't promise that I won't show you my scabby runners feet with blisters & lost have been warned :-)

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  1. Email from Eileen:

    Love your blog entry Claire. It was very uplifting that you mentioned CCLASP in the way you did. You know how close to my heart they are and any publicity which raises their profile is very much appreciated.

    I have a committee meeting with them on Tuesday evening so I will obviously let them see your blog.....I'm sure they will be touched by your words not to mention appreciative of all the hard work you are doing to raise money for them.

    They do so much good work but they are a very small charity so any monies raised are always put to good use. Without people like you and Kirsty - who as I'm sure you will all know, is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro later in the year - they would cease to exist. Every penny to them is precious.

    Thank you so so much.......I'm so proud of you (and Kirsty).

    Eileen x