Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day / Happy Chinese New Year

Hello Fudgey Friends

How is everyone? Any plans for Valentines day or Chinese New Year?

I made a Scottish Slimmers Chinese feast for Mr Fudgey & his parents yesterday.
Homemade vegetarian spring rolls with sweet & sour dip followed by 5 spice pork with rice noodles & egg fried rice.
We also tucked into the Valentine cake I had organised for Mr Fudgey. Made by Joyce of Joyces Cake Shop. We have had many many cakes from Joyce including our wedding cake & they have all been gorgeous.

Training Update
Training has been good this week. Slowly building back up after my injury. Times are consistent, but kept the distances down this week and no long Sunday run today, I wanted to spend the day with hubby and have put in a good few sessions already this week, so 2 days rest are just what I need.

Sunday: 5km Run 29 mins 14 secs
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 2.5km hill run 17 mins 10 secs plus mini circuit - check out Tues blog.
Wednesday: 5km run 28 mins 50 secs
Thursday: 2 speed sessions both 3km, 16 mins 53 secs and 16 mins 37 secs & upper body workout
Friday: 7km Run 41 mins 35 secs.

I have to admit that the leg & knee hurt on Fri after the 7km run - though I made sure I had a good stretch & I never sat too still all day Friday so the niggling eased off well before lunchtime.

Thursday I ran so fast & so focused in my second session I never realised that I had cut the back of my heel and was bleeding all over the place. KMac's PT Andy will be pleased to hear this after his comment that my random bruise was nothing as there was no blood!

Total distance run this week 25.5km
Total running time 2 hours 30 mins 19 secs

Well that's all for today folks. It is Valentines day after all & I want to spend quality time with my fabby hubby - it's our first married valentines day.

Hope you all are having a great weekend

lots of love


  1. It was a truly scrumptious chinese banquet polished off with a bottle of delicious champagne. Thank you so much

    Love Mum in Law xxx

  2. Next time can you make me some :o) heehee