Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Back On Form

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I'm pleased to tell you that I'm back to my usual self and the leg is feeling pretty good.
I had a lovely day on Sunday. Mr Fudgey bought me a Wonder woman bathrobe (I'm wearing it now) , a Wonder woman t-shirt and a personal joggers alarm.

On Sunday evening we went to McKirdy's SteakHouse, we chose here as we've been a couple of times before and both really enjoyed it, but the food on Valentine's Day surpassed all previous visits.
We both started with Deep Fried Haggis filo parcels with a chilli drizzle - WOW :-)
I then had the chargrilled chicken breast with saffron mash, creamed leeks & sugar glazed carrots & Mr Fudgey had the 6oz Fillet Steak served on fondant potato with a garlic & mushroom sauce. For dessert I had Belgian chocolate & cointreau mousse & Mr Fudgey had white chocolate cheesecake.
The food was absolutely phenomenal, portions just perfect sizes - I can't normally eat 3 courses but this was just perfect. All the food was cooked to perfection and presented beautifully. So if you live in Edinburgh and haven't tried McKirdy's - you have to go. If you don't live in Edinburgh but are ever visiting you MUST check them out. I'd strongly advise that you book a table though as they are usually busy and no wonder when the food & service is as good as this.

Now some of you will be very surprised to read I ate all of that, especially those who know how careful I am about what I eat and yes most of the menu would not be on Scottish Slimmers, but you have to treat yourself occasionally. All week I made sure that I saved up calories for my meal out & also made sure I put in plenty of exercise too, and this week too back to my normal positive eating plan. Now I am at my target weight I tend to be quite strict during the week so I can have treat(s) at the weekend - this is what works best for me and I've been at my target weight for 5 months now.

As I had 2 whole rest days Saturday & Sunday, - which were great. Rest is just as important as training you know, I was back into routine again on Monday.

Monday 5km 28 mins 57 secs
Tuesday 7km 41 mins 50 secs
Wednesday: Never slept well last night & not feeling too great today but after work into the gym - I knew it would help relieve some stresses & I would feel better afterwards.......so......
10 minutes on bike to fatigue the legs & when I got off they felt like 2 dead weights
12 dead lifts superset with 12 hamstring cable thingys each leg (repeated 3 times) KMac & I have a whole language of our own for certain exercises and gym equipment!
Out to the stairwell....
30 Mountain climbers, 40 step ups, 20 side step things (repeated 3 times)
Back into the gym.... planned to get onto the cables but they were in use :-(
so ab work
15 ab extensions with 25lb plate, followed by 1 minute plank on bosu ball, followed by 20 oblique cycles, repeated twice more but with the plank only being 45 seconds each time
and then finally to finish me off
my fave ............the treadmill
Fast 1km Run 5 Minutes 28 seconds......a second off my PB of 5.27 but pretty damn good considering what had preceded it ;-D
I was a bit (actually a lot) of a pinky sweaty mess by the end of the session but it felt so good. I think I have endorphin addication!

Then I got to come home to My Fabulous Fudgey Husband & our 4 beautiful kitty's

For those who don't know this is Clyde, Dora, Bonnie & Beau.

So now I'm going to leave you & head off to bed I think, early shifts this week at work.

lots of love

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