Monday, 2 September 2013

A Fantastically Fudgey Week

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?

We've had a really good week :-)

It's been a great week of running, I managed 3 sessions and am actually about a week ahead on the training plan.

Monday - Squeezed in my run before my chiropractor appointment. 5.1km (3.2 miles)

Wednesday - 4.1km (2.6 miles)

Friday - Training plan said 4 miles but I was feeling good & ran 8.1k (5 miles)

Had planned to also run on Sunday but I wasn't adequately fuelled, plus I wanted to get out for a long run today so decided to save my energy for that.

So 3 runs & a total distance of 17.3k (10.75 miles) - just a wee bit more than 2 weeks ago when I ran 17.2k but that was over 4 sessions, this is over 3, so I am gradually building up.

It's still feeling pretty good too, my back has been great, though I did find I was developing a problem with my right shoulder & was dropping it quite significantly, but the chiropractor has sorted that out for me too :-)

I decided it was time I bought some new running shoes this week - at least 1 pair that I have need to be retired. I ordered myself 2 new pairs, one of which arrived on Saturday.


Monday - Bug's usual swimming lesson in the morning then she spent the afternoon with Granny &

Grandpa. After my run, it was a quick shower, a bite to eat & then off to the chiropractor, back from the chiropractor, baked courgette muffins & made a start on lasagne as well as writing my blog.

Tuesday - we actually spent most of the day at home. Finished making the lasagne and then had a wee trip to the shops & a quick cuppa with Granny & Grandpa.

Wednesday - A trip into Edinburgh, delivery of lasagnes, lovely lunch and catch up with Louisa & Hilary, wee visit into the office for a quick catch up on team stuff with my manager and hello to a few folk.

Thursday - I had another chiropractor appointment then we went to Granny & Grandpa's and had a lovely lunch with Bett & Nancy. Buggy sampled most of the feast too!

Friday - went to our usual Friday baby group in the morning then lunch & a catch up with Elaine & Max & Renee.

Saturday - Our 4th wedding anniversary ;-) We had dinner bed & breakfast booked at the place we got married, so the little one had an overnight stay with Granny & Grandpa - she was having a bad teething day & was super tired so there were some real tears, but she settled down & I think a great time was had by all. We headed into Edinburgh I hadn't told hubby that we were actually staying in the room we were married in as it is now converted to a bedroom rather than a function room.

We had a lovely afternoon looking at the shops & tea & cake, then a fab meal at the hotel.

Sunday - Breakfast at the hotel & then a quick look at a couple of shops before heading home & collecting Miss Bug.

And that pretty much has been our week. It's now only 4 weeks till I return to work so we are having a very quiet week this week but from the following week the diary is absolutely packed with catch ups, nursery settle in sessions and all the things we need to get done. It's going to fly by!

Well I have about an hour & a half till our girl comes home, so time for some relaxation I think...

Have a great week all

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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  1. I am glad to know that you went to a chiropractor because with how eventful your week was, I have no idea when your body has time to recover. Running may have you fit for a lot of activities but no one's invincible. That aside, a late happy 4th anniversary to you! -Kristofer @ Core Chiropractic Center