Monday, 16 September 2013

1 week to my first 10k post Bug

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? What's the weather like where you are? It is certainly turning more autumnal here - leaves on the grass in the garden, darker evenings & cold wet & windy. Today I left the house without a jacket & suspect that will be the last time I do that this year, in fact later on I had a jacket & gloves.

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by, it is now only a week & 2 weeks to my 2 10k events and only 2 weeks till I return to the world of work. For these reasons its been a pretty packed week trying to fit everything in & see as many people as we can. I'm also not certain I have any photos for this weeks post but shall see what I can find as I think & type.


It's been a brilliant week of running for me with 3 runs done & my longest so far this year & my fastest 5 miles this year, plus a significant increase from last week in distance but no ill effects what so ever. For the first time in 3 years I am running without taping on my feet - I am not sure if this is a result of the corrected alignment by the chiropractor or good shoes or a combination of both but long may it continue.

Wednesday - my first run of the week wasn't until Wednesday, I had hoped to do my long run on Monday but circumstances and lack of time meant this had to be postponed. I set out aiming for 7 miles even if I had to walk some of it but I ran non stop for 11.3k which is just over the 7 miles. It was tough going but I set out at a much slower pace so that I could maintain running for longer gradually increasing as I warmed up. It felt so good to achieve this. Now I now that I can make it round these 2 10k courses - OK so I may be last but I don't care someone has to be & just 5 months after the birth of Buggy I'm just delighted to be back running.

Friday - Treadmill run - nice easy 5.2k. I have well and truly achieved my goal of running 5k comfortably, again its not fast but my focus isn't on pace just now and I just want to build up some good quality base miles before marathon training starts next year.

Sunday - So not in the mood to run. Bug was very clingy all day she wanted Mummy to cuddle her & carry her around all the time - not so easy now she isn't a wee 6 pounder any more - I suspect she's maybe nearer 16. So I felt like I hadn't got much done all day but also felt physically tired, but I knew I really couldn't skip this run - not with the races looming so much going through my head too with Bug starting nursery, all the appointments / dates / arrangements  we have and my return to work I just really wasn't in the right frame of mind....or so I thought when I started..... 8.3k done & actually the fastest I have run post Bug!

So 3 runs & a total distance of 24.8k (15.4 miles) - an increase from the 18.95k of previous week, so all heading in the right direction. No aches, pains or issues with the body, but still needing to practise drinking on the run. I was reassured though watching the Great North Run when they said that Mo Farah & Haile Gebrselassie both had challenges with fuelling and hydration when they stepped up to long distance so I'm in good company even if no where near the same league LOL.


Well if you are exhausted reading about the running, I suggest you take a break before reading about everything else we packed in this week.....just a tad busy

Monday - Daddy Fudgey was still feeling poorly so he was off work again, he saw the Doctor & turns out he had a sinus infection. We had our usual swimming lesson & then Bug went to Granny & Grandpas. I had a chiropractor appointment, & also did a lot of baking - vanilla traybake & chocolate nutella cupcakes for all our guests. My wee sis & oldest niece arrived just after Bug came home, they were here for an appointment in Glasgow on Tuesday so they stayed for Fudgey dinner bed & breakfast. Emily was very entertained by her big cousin & I loved getting a catch up with my sis & only 4 weeks I think till I see her again :-)

Tuesday - Daddy Fudgey back to work, our visitors off to Glasgow & little Miss Bug & I off to the nursery for her first settling in session. She had a great time playing with all the toys and slept all the way home. I think she'll settle in just fine, it's Mummy that is now having the emotional wobbles! Once we got home it was lunch for Bug & me & then  quick wiz round with the hoover & getting the cakes ready for our antenatal class friends - 6 mums & 6 babies in total - was lovely to see everyone and I think probably the last time before I go back to work.

Wednesday - Terrific Aunt Liz came through from Glasgow to visit in the morning & Miss Bug was in good form. In the afternoon we took a stroll to the shops & bumped into Elaine & Max so we had a lovely little unexpected natter and catch up. When we got home I was busy making my chicken and broccoli lasagne for delivery on Thursday.....

Thursday - woke up with stiff legs after my long run but they soon eased off once I was up & moving about. We headed in Edinburgh where we had a nice lunch & catch up with Lyndsey. It was the first time in town with the buggy rather than the car seat & I think I prefer the car seat as it is more compact & manoeuvrable but Bug seemed happy enough. We also delivered a chicken and broccoli lasagne to a surprised but grateful John. We also saw a few people in the office which was lovely though the heat in No 10 sent Bug to sleep!

Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group in the morning, was nice to see everyone as we'd missed the previous week. Lunch with Hannah & Kat & Dougall & Graeme, then a wander down the street & a wee visit to Granny & Grandpa

Saturday - after a busy week it was mostly a quiet weekend at home. We watched Star Trek into Darkness when Bug went to sleep - I thought the first hour dragged but then it picked up.

Sunday - it was a horrible wet, cold, windy & wild day & we never went anywhere. As I said early Miss Bug was in a funny wee mood very clingy to Mummy, most likely exhausted by all this weeks adventures!!!!!

And that folks is a round up of our week & yes I managed to find photos - I forgot I'm always snapping away on my phone, but Daddy Fudgey has some good ones on his camera & we will get them sent out to all the usual suspects when we have a chance.

Next week I should have a race report for you from my 10k.....wish me luck....

Take Care everyone

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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