Monday, 9 September 2013

Cabin Fever all round

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?

Unfortunately our week didn't turn out quite as planned. Buggy has had a few disturbed nights with teething & a wee cold & Fudgey hubby has been poorly too & turns out he has a sinus infection so his week's holiday was a wee bit of a wash out as he felt rubbish & as a result we have hardly been anywhere or done anything.

Though trying to be a positive Fudgey we are always rushing about, here & there, doing this & that, seeing this person or that person so maybe a week enforced quietness is not such a bad thing - even though we've been feeling a bit of cabin fever.

RUNNING UPDATE Been a mixed week as managed my longest run since the birth of Bug & pleased with the consistency of my pace, also loved my new shoes, however didn't run when I should have.

Monday -  After an indulgent weekend really needed to get my long run in & was aiming for 10k - was also desperate to try out my new running shoes. Ran 7km in my trusty old shoes, then stopped in at the house, refilled water & changed shoes & managed another 3.55km. New shoes are awesome, really light & that first km in them was super fast. Managed more than I hoped 10.55km (6.5 miles)
First 10k is in 2 weeks so starting to have belief that I'll get round the course, maybe not fast but I will finish.

 Friday - Fantastic run, 52 seconds off my 5k time from 8 weeks ago, so pretty pleased with that. Think it's due to not running since Monday. 5.1km (3.2 miles)

 Saturday - Feeling tired so just a short run on the treadmill 3.3km (2 miles)

So 3 runs & a total distance of 18.95k (11.8 miles) - an increase from the 17.3k of previous week, so all heading in the right direction. No aches, pains or issues with the body, but needing to practise drinking on the run.


Monday - Usual swimming lesson in the morning & then Bug was at Granny & Grandpa in the afternoon. When she came home she was a we bit sniffly & had me up during the night which is very unlike her.

Tuesday - feeling tired & the wee one wasn't her usual self so we decided to give Bookbug a miss & stayed at home all day.

Wednesday - Bug seemed better so the 3 of us headed off to Bookbug at the library. In the afternoon I had a chiropractor appointment so Bug stayed home & entertained Daddy. Another unsettled night saw me up for an hour and a bit with an upset wee Buggy Boo :-(

Thursday - Bug 8 months old today :-) She was much much brighter but Daddy choked with cold. We were home pretty much all day apart from a wee trip to the shops & a quick cuppa at Granny & Grandpa's where we also say Auntie Fay.

Friday - Granny & Grandpa took our mini munchkin for a few hours & I had a super productive time, got all her 0-3 month clothes put in vacuum bags & in the attic, bouncing seat put away in attic, spare double duvet in attic, brown paper and towels down from window and blackout blind up, Bug's room tidied, hoovered and all clothes put away, 3 bathrooms cleaned, upstairs hoovered, pork meatballs made, tomato sauce made, 3 additional servings of pork mince cooked to be frozen. So thank you Granny & Grandpa for the babysitting service.

Saturday - another day at home

Sunday -  a wee stroll down to Granny & Grandpa's. Granny watched Bug & we went for some shopping - more just to get out & about as the cabin fever had really set in, haircut for Fudgey hubby & then home. Watched the new Star Trek movie when Bug went to bed....I didn't enjoy the first hour at all, just felt it dragged but enjoyed the second half.

So as you can see we've not done much.

The below goals were set on 16th 12 weeks in
Short Term Goals
  • In 4 weeks I want to be able to comfortably run 5k......Done.
  • In 10 weeks I want to be able to run 10k.......well I have run 10.55k, but not comfortably & not non stop but making good progress.....hard work paying off.
Original post: I need to get my diet back on track, I was doing really well, but increased activity = increased appetite & I haven't made the right choices in the last week. I'm reassured though as I know exactly where mistakes have been made & how to address them. The aim is to lose a stone over the next 14 weeks -  a pound a week should be easily achievable if I keep focused. 
Update 12th August: So I weighed & measured on 1st July & not again till 1st August.....didn't work for me, my measurements stayed the same & I gained a pound. The hot weather really didn't help me either as I took a 2 week running break & spent a lot of time at home rather than our usual out & about & I just ate. I also need to be conscious of all these coffee & lunch dates & how many calories are in a seemingly small piece of cake. So I have started again with logging all my food & weighing weekly. I lost 2lbs when I weighed this morning. Just need to keep up the good work. So 8 weeks in I am down 1 pound from where I started but I am totally focused now & am completely with the programme.
Update 9th September: I've been logging all my food in my fitness pal for the last 3 weeks & been making some very positive changes to my diet. Pleased to report I've now lost 8lbs. It's unrealistic to expect that in 2 weeks I'll lose 6lbs to achieve my original goal but I'll certainly be lighter than I was when I set it & hopefully will be back at pre pregnancy weight.......
Long Term Goals
  • VLM in 2014 if I get a ballot place
  • Edinburgh Marathon in 2014 & already have a guaranteed place if I don't get into VLM
Thoughts starting to turn a little to my long term goals, as VLM ballot results are out early October.......
And that Fudgey Friends is an update on our week & the goals I set back in June. Busy week planned this week, lots of visitors to the Fudgey house :-)
Hope you all have a great week.
lots of love Fudgey xx

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  1. Hello fellow runner love your determination....