Monday, 23 September 2013

I did it :-)

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Yesterday was my 1st 10k run since having Baby Bug & I did it - yippee :-)
A full race report will follow later for those that are interested. This is just a quick post with a round up of another packed week for us.


Only planned to run on Tuesday & Thursday & then rest ahead of Sunday's event. As usual didn't quite go as planned......

Tuesday - 5.3km run, was really not in the mood by the time the wee one went to bed, been feeling tired with so much rushing about the last few week & it showed in my run, it was a plod but I got it done. I think it may well be time to look out the base layer & running gloves as it is certainly turning very cold now.

Wednesday - no running but pain in my right ankle joint & leg :-( Thankfully chiropractor in afternoon so got him to try & fix me.....

Thursday - to run or not to run? I wasn't sure if I should test the ankle / leg ahead of Sunday but was scared if it was still sore that would be me out of Sunday & I would have been gutted at that. So just a short 3.3km but it felt pretty good - chiropractor fixed me :-)

Friday - no aches or pains at all but starting to get anxious about Sunday

Sunday - Scottish Gas 10k....completed 69 minutes. Full race report will follow but massive Thank you to the Fudgey Support Crew. Granny Fudgey for Bug minding services, Grandpa Fudgey for transport & cheering & long suffering Mr Fudgey for photography & generally putting up with me & of course can't forget Coach Bug!


Another packed week for us....

Monday - Swimming as usual, then rather than my usual rushing around in the afternoon when Bug was with Granny & Grandpa, I had a lovely massage, facial & healthy lunch at Houston House Hotel - this was a voucher from Mr Fudgey from March & I was finally fitting it in before it expired - Thank you very very much it was fudgeytastic.

Tuesday - Bug had her second settling in session at nursery & all seemed to go well, she was there from 10am & had lunch pea & ham soup, a roll & trifle & then I picked her up at 12.30....she didn't even seem that fussed I was there! Then it was off to St John's for a physio follow up appointment....back again November

Wednesday - Bookbug session at the library in the morning & then a visit to the chiropractor in the afternoon

Thursday - Trip into Edinburgh where we met up with Eva & Olivia for coffee & cake, did some shopping & then went to Daddy Fudgey's work & took him for coffee too before heading home.

Friday - our usual Friday morning baby group & then a wee visit to Granny & Grandpa.

Saturday - a quiet day at home.

Sunday - My 10k, followed by a quiet afternoon & a lovely dinner of roast duck.

And that was our week. It won't surprise you to hear that this week is pretty busy too, we are having a trial run for my return to work next week & Bug officially starts nursery tomorrow.

Hope to get the race report done asap while it is still fresh in my mind

Take Care all

lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

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