Monday, 30 September 2013

Last week of maternity leave

Hello Fudgey friends,

How are you all?

Well last week was my last full week of maternity leave & today my last day - back to the world of the employed tomorrow.

Where have the last 10 months gone...just flown by....can't believe our beautiful baby girl will be 9 months at the weekend.


A pretty poor & disappointing running week.

Wednesday - Got my run in before 8am as dropped little Miss Bug at nursery in my running gear & went straight from there 3.2km done.

Thursday - found out I'd been unsuccessful for the 3rd year in the vlm ballot - see my post here

Sunday - for a number of reasons had to withdraw from the Linlithgow 10k - see my post here
I did attempt a run on Sunday evening & I know I made the right decision re the 10k as it was just simply awful. Managed 5.2k but was wrecked.

I am now planning taking a week off from running as I settle back into work but I am hoping to maybe jump on the bike later in the week & start doing some core work again.


A strange week as we treated it as if I was back at work & the wee one started nursery........

Monday - swimming lesson, then young Bug went to Granny & Papa's & stayed overnight. Mr Fudgey & I went for a fantastic meal at McKirdy's in Edinburgh.

Tuesday - felt strange waking up without the baby monitor & the wee voice babbling away. I had a beauty appointment in the morning & then Granny, Papa & I took Miss Bug to nursery for her first official day. She went in no problem at all but when I went to get her at 5.30pm was shattered & had only slept 30 minutes.....the result....

Wednesday - nursery in the morning, Daddy Fudgey & I both took her & again she went in quite happily, hardly giving us a backwards glance. I got my run in & then after showering & having breakfast headed for the shops for some new work attire & new shoes. Granny & Papa picked little Bug up at lunchtime, she'd had a fairly good day & eaten all her lunch but was very upset when they picked her up...again had hardly her Mum she is too nosey. I collected her from Granny & Papa in the afternoon.

Thursday - haircut for going back to work & weigh clinic for the wee one. she is now 16 pounds 2oz.

Friday - baby group in the morning, & a really lovely lunch with Kat, Graeme & Matthew. Madam was off to her Grandparents again as I had a wee night out. Thank you again. It was not a late night for me - home by 8.30pm & I think I was in bed before 10pm.
Saturday - after picking up Buggy Boo it was just a quiet day at home, she had great fun making a new friend though

Sunday - a lovely quiet day at home just the 3 of us. Love my wee family so much.

And that was our week ;-)

Take care everyone


Fudgey x x x

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