Monday, 26 August 2013

Down but not out yet

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well last week ended up being a bit of a wash out as I have been poorly since Tuesday evening, on the mend now though & nothing for anyone to worry about - you know me I'm made of tough stuff, but this does however mean there isn't much to report for last week, but we did have some special visitors on Tuesday which was the highlight of an otherwise dull week.


Monday was my rest day & then planned to run on Tuesday, was even thinking about it on Tuesday afternoon but by Tuesday night there was no chance of that.

Saturday - was my first chance to run & first time I felt OK to attempt it.....inspired by all these crazy folk doing Tough Mudder & the fact that I had missed almost a weeks training I set out to do 5 miles & 5 miles I managed.....just

Sunday - just a quick couple of miles again because I was worried about missing so much of the week.

My 10k events are now 4 & 5 weeks away, I'm not close to running 10k at the moment but I shall persevere. There is no shame in walking & I will take part & I will finish them, run, walk or crawl!


Has been put on hold for now.


Monday - we had our usual swimming lesson & then Bug accompanied me to the chiropractor, then it was home for a quiet afternoon just the 2 of us.

Tuesday - We went to the Bookbug session at the library, Bug absolutely loves these, her favourites are Old MacDonald had a farm & The Wheels on the Bus. In the afternoon we had 2 very special visitors - Aunt Amy & Cousin Margaret. I think a great time was had by all. There was also singing as they brought Buggy a CD with some nursery rhymes - so we all had a wee sing song. Thank you very much to Bertie for the taxi service very very very much appreciated.
Tuesday teatime I suddenly became poorly with stomach ache so it was an early night

Wednesday -  I felt a bit better but still not quite right so Bug & I had a wee trip to the GP and then a quiet day at home. Granny & Grandpa came for coffee.

Thursday was also a stay at home day

Friday - we ventured out shopping with Granny & Grandpa & Buggy had her first whirl in a shopping trolley. She absolutely loved it, even though she was really tired she watched everything & everyone. She zonked out in the car on the way home though!

Saturday - Daddy Fudgey took Buggy to visit Granny & Grandpa in the afternoon which let me get my run in - even though I could have quite happily just slept I'm glad I ran. Thank you Mr Fudgey.

Sunday - was just a quiet day at home.

I've been so good this week at listening to my body & have been resting as much as I can, I've been sleeping when the wee one has which is a first as I know how important it is for me to be fit healthy & well for both our sakes. I wish I could say the next few weeks will be quiet but we have a tremendous amount to pack in, things to do & people to see before Bug starts nursery & I return to work, but we will both make sure we don't over do things.

Take care everyone

Fudgey x


  1. Glad you're feeling better - hope you're back to full fitness soon.

  2. Was wonderful to see you both on Tuesday - sorry we missed Mr Fudgey & our thanks to Bert as well. Glad your on the mend. xx