Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Scottish Gas 10k Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised race report from Sunday's 10k


Pre Race Preparation

This event was very different to quite a lot I have entered, it wasn't organised by a big money grabbing organisation (sorry Bupa runs / Nova International) It was organised by Edinburgh Athletics Club. There were 5k & 10k options available & entry was only £16. Unlike other events there weren't loads of pre race emails & no postage of race number & chip - this was collected on the day.

I got myself organised on Saturday night, laid out running kit, belt pouch, safety pins, gloves & cap. I also laid out little Miss Bug's clothes.

On Sunday morning I was actually up before Miss Bug & had her milk & breakfast made, my breakfast smoothie of almond milk & banana made & myself dressed & 95% ready to go.

Miss Bug woke & had her breakfast & then family Fudgey headed to Granny & Grandpa's house. Granny looked after our little princess while Grandpa took Mr Fudgey & I to the race.

Pick up for race numbers & the start of the race were at the Scottish Gas building at Granton, there was plenty parking provided at Telford college & was well sign posted as well as parking in the Morrisons right beside Scottish Gas.

I was dropped off & collected my number, it was really bright & sunny but very very windy, too windy to hang around for 40 minutes so we had a wee look around Morrisons, heading back over to the start about 9.45am for a 10am start.

The collection of numbers & chips was really well organised & moved really quickly & all the volunteers were friendly.

The Race

One of my first observations of the field was that there were no obvious fun runners & the general age of the field seemed to be young, though there were plenty of seniors too but everyone looked like a 'serious' runner. I therefore started right at the very back of the field.

10am sharp we were off, I knew I was running faster than I had in training but was conscious to hold back a bit, as it was quite a small event - about 500 runners, there was no congestion at all & the field spread out quite quickly.

The course was mostly flat & fast....apart from a wee incline at the last km.

It was pretty much a race of 2 halves. The first 5k was head on into the wind towards Cramond along the promenade & was tough going & I was glad I had chosen not to wear my cap it would be in the water if I had, a few times I wanted to stop & walk, more because of the wind than running ability but I pushed on. Through 5k in 33 minutes 44 seconds. (Edinburgh 5k in July was 34 minutes 56 seconds)

At 5.5k there was a water station, I had a 500ml bottle of water that I had from the start so declined the water.....also as it was in cups & I have still not mastered the art of drinking from a cup while running other than chucking it over myself!

At the turn back I expected the wind to be behind me..... NO the second half of the run was blazing sunshine & now I was wanting my cap. I ran really well & consistently till 7k & that was where I had to start digging deep, however I did realise that I was more than likely to be sub 70 minutes & my expectation had been nearer 75 minutes so that was a big motivator, my training & determination are paying off.

It was fantastic to see the finish line & see the Fudgey support team cheering.

Again the bonus of a small event you pretty much get your own glory finish without too many other runners around you & in my case on my own.

Official time 1 hour 9 minutes 25 seconds.

Post Race
At the finish area, there were volunteers taking chips & then I received a Scottish Gas bag which contained a sweatband purse, I also got a cereal bar & a banana, a t shirt & had 2 cups of juice. No banana in the photo I ate it immediately,  I'm quite easy to please give me a banana post race & I'm a happy girl.....though wee request to any race organisers , sponsors, donors.... some coconut water too & I would be in heaven :-)
Some people will look at that & think it's a poor goody bag, but it is probably actually one of my favourites. No leaflets promoting races, sponsors etc. No crap you don't want or need. The t shirt is a really good quality technical t shirt. Only criticism no small sizes by the time I finished.....but guess that just means I need to run faster next time.
Overall opinion & feedback to EAC
Brilliantly organised event, great start & finish venue, great parking facilities, km markers in the correct places, great marshalls out of course & volunteers making it all possible, great goody bag - all for £16 - absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this event to any of my running friends.
If I was pushed really hard to give a negative on this I'd really struggle, the only thing I can think of is that it maybe isn't the 'friendliest' event but equally it isn't 'unfriendly' I think it is just that the vst majority of participants were serious runners & club runners .....however this shouldn't put anyone off, I am just trying to give a balanced opinion & my personal views.
I would certainly come back & take part in this again next year.
Again Thank you to my hubby and to Mum & Dad Smith - I couldn't do this without all your help & continued support.
lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

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