Sunday, 5 June 2011

Back with the programme - kind of!

Hi Fudgey Friends,

Yet another week has whizzed by - I've been back to my positive eating plan this week & in spite of an indulgent night on Thursday have managed to get 2 pounds off this week. My theory is if I can lose a few pounds & get back in shape it'll help take some time off my Marathon time for Dublin.
So here's how the week looked.....

First post marathon run 4.02 km
After a whole week of no running - (I don't think that has happened in about 18 months!) I was back at it on Monday morning & it felt good to be back

200 sit up challenge week 3 day 1
First day of the challenge managed all 5 sets 21-27-21-21-37 = 127 Total

Just a little run today 5.48 km
Loved this run - started out very slow & built it up - finishing faster than I've ran in a long time - felt really good too - then home to do the press ups!

100 press up challenge Week 3 day 1
good god this was hard work.
5 sets 14-18-14-14-25 = 85 Total

Fastest hour ever - time flys when you are having fun

warm up set of 15 squats 14kg
3 x tri set of 15 squats 55kg, 6 slow bosu lunges each leg 5kg dumbbells, 12 step ups each leg with 15kg barbell
4 xsuperset of pull ups (4,3,2 & 1) with wide grip cable pull down (1 set of 12 @ 55kg & then 3 sets of 8 @ 60kg)
3 x superset of cable hamstring curls 12 each leg 25kg & hanging leg raises (10, 7 & 6)
3 x superset of 10 assisted (19kg for first set then 12kg for 2 sets) pull ups with 20 hammer curls 7kg dumbbells

200 sit up challenge Week 3 Day 2
Straight up the upstairs after getting home from PT to do my sit ups. Job done.
5 sets 30 - 38-23-23-45 = 159 total

Quick Cycle
Legs were feeling a little heavy so did 10km on the bike rather than running

100 press up challenge Week 3 Day 2
I think these may well kill me
5 sets 20 -25-15-15-20+7 = 102 Total
Last set was meant to be at least 25 but I had to take a tiny rest after 20 before doing another 7.

Drunken Night Out
Thursday evening I was straight out from work & I think probably consumed my body weight in red wine, champagne & not to mention a black sambuca. I never got home till 12.30 & was a little worse for wear. Great night out though - but not something I think I could do on a regular basis - I must be getting old!

Hungover Gym Visit
Even though I never got to my bed till after 1am I was still up & on my usual bus for 6.50am and headed to the gym before work. I only managed about 18 minutes on the treadmill & 10 on the cross trainer - I thought sweating out some of the alcohol would make me feel better - it didn't!

On Saturday lunchtime we had friends over for lunch so we were up early tidying & I was preparing food. I made homemade Smoked Salmon & Broccoli quiches with Salad & Poached Pears with raspberries for dessert. In true Come Dine with me style I'd never made either of these before but thankfully they turned out really well.
It was great catching up with John & Caroline & little Angus.

The rest of the weekend has been really lazy - Mum & Dad Smith came back from their holidays so we went to see them yesterday afternoon. Then today I never got up till 11.30am & took the decision not to run at all. I must have really needed the rest. We went off for a food shop this afternoon & then back to Mum & Dad Smith's for dinner & now I'm home blogging but must do my sit ups & press ups.....

200 sit up challenge Week 3 Day 3
Thought I better get these done after 2 days off.
5 sets today 33-42-30-30-50 = 185 total

100 press up challenge Week 3 Day 3
These ain't getting any easier!!!!
5 sets today 22-30-20-20-29 = 121 Total

Well after that I'm exhausted - time to get my lunch etc ready for tomorrow & then into bed.

Take Care Everyone
lots of love
Fudgey xxx

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  1. You clearly didn't drink enough if you were able to go to the gym the next day hehe :P