Monday, 25 April 2011

"'Your feet hurt because you’re kicking so much ASS!”

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Belated Happy Easter. Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Mr Fudgey & I have been fortunate to have a 4 day weekend & I have to admit I am so glad as I'm just exhausted.

"'Your feet hurt because you’re kicking so much ASS!”
Apparently the above was a banner at a race - this would have made me laugh & kick even harder!
The reality is my foot hurt because I didn't tape it properly but I'm pleased to report it is on the mend. The injury did mean though that from the Kilomathon last Sunday till this Saturday I never ran a single km. In fact I never saw the inside of the gym till Thursday & that was for a PT session which was as torturous as usual.

Catching Up
On Friday Mr Fudgey & I headed through to Glasgow to meet up with my Gran for lunch. It was great to see her and hear all about her recent holiday to Portugal. Now I'm sure my Gran wouldn't want me to publish her age here but it's fair to see she is a little more than twice my age and she has so much energy. Bowling, dancing, travelling and socialising with friends are just a few of the activities she enjoys. She really is an amazing lady and I hope I have half her energy when I'm her age - in fact half her energy now would be good :-)We all have heroes & people who inspire us - but sometimes they are closer to you than you may think.

Foot Tester
On Saturday morning I decided that I'd head out for a short run to see how my foot would hold up & if I would be OK for my long run on Sunday. It was cold, grey and damp but I have a fantastic short & hilly but fast and strong run. I kept it short as the plan for Sunday was to increase my distance again.

Beyond the Comfort Zone

I got up a little later than planned on Sunday and my enthusiasm from Saturday had gone - I wasn't in the mood to run & made even harder knowing that it was 20 miles on the plan. By the time I headed out it was just after 10am and it was already getting hot. I had on a long sleeved white top & a cap to protect me from the sun. Off I went - was amazed just how much the 2 litres of water in the hydration pack and my tiredness slowed me down. The first 14km of my route were pretty hilly - I've run this route a couple of times before & this hill is a close second nemesis to my arch enemy Arthur's seat. It doesn't look much from the bottom

but this is the view from the top

I chose this as part of my route though as it's so pretty and I especially wanted to enjoy the views in the sunshine for the first time. The heat, the hills and my general tiredness really took it out of me though and by 13km I wanted to quit & go home. I had a wee chat with myself as you do and decided that I needed to carry on as on Marathon day I'm not just going to give up & go home if it's a bit tough. Decided to run down by the canal for a bit but my pace dropped even more with the uneven surface and my left knee started to hurt a little. By 16km my right glute & right inner thigh were also hurting in addition to the left knee. I was pretty fed up but stuck with it, though it became more of a run, walk, hobble than a complete run. I would walk 200m then run 800m when I couldn't keep running. Sheer bloody mindedness and determination got me through and I stopped my garmin at 32.35km (20.1 miles) I should have felt elated but I just wanted to cry to be honest. Lucozade recovery drink, Ice bath, cup of tea, warm shower & 2XU compression tights on I didn't feel quite so bad - as I posted on facebook...Mentally & emotionally = happy & proud. Physically = hurting
I later discovered I had also managed to get a bit sunburnt. I had rolled my right sleeve half way up when it got really hot but couldn't roll up the left as my garmin was over it - so I have a very distinct red / white divide on my right arm and the backs of my hands were a bit pink too - so must remember next time to get the sun cream on before heading out - just not used to this weather at home.

Fantastic Mr Fudgey
I know I mention Mr Fudgey often but I honestly can't Thank him enough for his continued support. He really is the best.
On Sunday he was busy at home cutting all the grass & doing the ironing whilst I was out running. He really is a star doing everything he can to make sure I can fit in my training and have as stress free a time at home as I possibly can. Thanks Babe xxxx

It would be wrong not to Thank everyone else for their words of encouragement, advice, support and tolerance of me when I', tired, irritable & grumpy - you all know who you are. I have the best family and friends ever.

Easter Dessert

Mum & Dad Smith invited us for dinner on Easter Sunday and I knew I had this to look forward too whilst I was out plodding the roads. I had said I'd make a dessert and decided for once to ditch the healthy books & make something decadent - Banoffee Pie.
This also prompted an unplanned arm workout as I don't have an electric whisk & I had to whip the cream by hand - my poor arms ached like my legs afterwards!
But it was worth the effort

Thanks to Mum Smith for a fab meal and to Dad Smith for the taxi service - very very much appreciated.

Lazy Day
Today has been a very lazy day. I didn't sleep well last night - sore legs but they are much better today & I walked down to the shops and back to pick up milk just to stretch them off - no run today - may squeeze in a quick recovery tomorrow time permitting.

Going to go and start organising dinner - I've been trying to reintroduce fish to my diet to eliminate which doesn't agree with me and enjoyed tuna steak last week served with roasted tomato & sweet potato crush. Tonight's effort is salmon with corn on the cob & some sort of rice.

Well that's enough babbling from me for one day

Take Care
lots of love


  1. New follower here and I'm so impressed - with that 32k run AND that you whipped your cream without the use of electricity.

  2. Thanks Char - I impressed myself too - especially with the cream whipping my arms hurt afterwards!

  3. Both the banoffee pie and the tuna look great! New follower here too, finding your determination inspiring. Good luck with the marathon!

  4. Thanks Lexi. New post on it's way hopefully tomorrow - not long till Marathon now!